China in the News: April 28, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China Urges Australia Not to Abandon Support for Taiwan Reunification

China cautioned Australia to abide by its ‘One China’ policy after a senior Australian on Sunday warned of a potential conflict over Taiwanese independence. Speaking on an Australian news talk show, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said he couldn’t rule out a military confrontation over Taiwan. “I do not think it should be discounted. I think China has been very clear about the reunification and that has been a long-held objective of theirs and if you look at any of the rhetoric coming out of China from spokesmen particularly in recent weeks and months in response to different sugge…VOA Asia16 hours ago

Scott Morrison unveils $747 million defence facilities upgrade as China brands Australia ‘sick’

The Prime Minister is set to unveil a nearly three-quarter-of-a-billion-dollar upgrade to Australia’s top-end defence facilities, days after his Defence Minister … hours ago

Expats are getting a COVID vaccine in China. But will Australia accept Sinovac and Sinopharm?

Some Australians are getting their COVID-19 vaccine in China. But as Australia hasn’t approved the Sinopharm or Sinovac jabs, there are lingering questions …ABC News7 hours ago

China set to report first population decline in five decades

China is set to report its first population decline since the famine that accompanied the Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong’s disastrous economic policy in the late …Financial Times9 hours ago

China is wrong to think the US faces inevitable decline

Its economic assets are too great and, while America could falter, that would be its choice and not its fate.Financial Times6 hours agoOpinion

China says Australia is ‘sick’, needs to ‘take medicine’

Chinas foreign ministry has said Australia is sick and suggested Canberra needs to take medicine after the Morrison governments most senior diplomat said …The Australian2 hours ago

ANU academic slammed over citation of ‘sub-par’ Chinese genocide research

The professor has backed her citation of the non-peer-reviewed paper at a Press Club address and said she knows “more about Xinjiang than Mike Pompeo”.Sydney Morning Herald23 hours ago

US selfishness hits partnership with India, but China blamed

The selfishness of the US in face of COVID-19 crisis in India is tantamount to a stabbing in the back of its partner. Yet US media blamed China for stoking …Global Times13 hours ago

Biden’s tricky China balancing act

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s China policy, still a work in progress, has so far been a tricky balancing act. He has struck a more measured public tone …NBC News15 hours ago

China is about to start building a space station in orbit

China is about to launch the first section of a new space station, beginning a massive orbital construction project that is expected to end in 2022 with an outpost …New Scientist News14 hours ago

There is an alternative to war in the South China Sea

As China becomes more assertive in the South China Sea, rival claimants have beefed up their military capabilities but there is a better path.Independent Australia20 hours ago

Beijing calls Hong Kong bar association chief an ‘anti-China politician’

Beijing and Hong Kong authorities have accused the British-born head of Hong Kong’s bar association of being an “anti-China politician” after he criticised jail …The Guardian3 hours ago

Britain is sending a huge naval force through some of the most tense waters in Asia

The largest naval flotilla assembled by Britain in recent years will set sail in May on a months’ long voyage through the Pacific, the country’s Defence Ministry …9News17 hours ago

China’s US Embassy to Accept Non-Chinese Vaccine Records: Will This Impact China’s Entry Policy?

By Monica Li, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Beijing Office. On April 21, 2021, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America …China Briefing15 hours ago

China doubles down on coal plants abroad despite carbon pledge at home

China will press ahead with its multi-billion-dollar financing of coal plants in developing countries, a top climate official said Tuesday, despite Beijing’s stated aim …Yahoo Finance Australia17 hours ago

A Graying China May Have to Put Off Retirement. Workers Aren’t Happy.

Most Chinese workers retire by 60. But with the population aging and pension funds running low, the government says that must change.The New York Times16 hours ago

Siberian tiger attacks farm worker and car in Chinese village

A Siberian tiger has pounced on a field worker and attacked a car in a Chinese village near the country’s border with Russia.ABC News18 hours ago

Vietnam says it won’t follow others in opposing China; experts note ‘US has no chance to use sovereignty issue to divide region’

Vietnam has made positive comments on its ties with China during Chinese State Councilor and Minister of National Defense Wei Fenghe’s visit to the country, …Global Times22 hours ago

NBA to participate in South China international expo in bid to ‘help bilateral relations,’ state media claims

The NBA will participate in an international trade expo in South China this year as the league and Communist leaders look to rebuild ties following a …Fox Business2 hours ago

China launches robot prototype capable of catching space debris with net

NEO-01 will use a net to capture debris and then burn it with its electric propulsion system, according to a report on Origin Space’s website. (Photo: …CNA15 hours ago

‘Let’s not countenance a war with China’

Peter Hartcher, Political and international editor for The Sydney Morning Herald & Author of “To The Bitter End”, joins Michael to discuss the actions of the US …2GB6 hours ago

Opinion | Is There a War Coming Between China and the U.S.?

If you’re looking for a compelling beach read this summer, I recommend the novel “2034,” by James Stavridis, a retired admiral, and Elliot Ackerman, a former …The New York Times2 hours agoOpinion

China Declares Victory Over Poverty. But What About … Jobs? : Goats and Soda

The government has declared victory over poverty. NPR talks to the people who’ve been moved from poor rural villages to brand-new apartment buildings to see …NPR9 hours ago

U.S. eases COVID-19 restrictions on Chinese students

The Biden administration on Tuesday said it was easing travel restrictions on Chinese and other international students into the United States this fall, a change …Reuters9 hours ago

Stalemate: sustainable palm oil struggles to take off in China

A shift to sustainable palm oil in China could be the tipping point needed to dramatically cut deforestation in Southeast Asia.chinadialogue11 hours ago

China’s appetite for imported grains is driving fears about a ‘food crisis’

China is not producing enough feed grains such as soybeans to support its large and growing livestock industry, stoking concern about food security and …South China Morning Post21 hours ago

Why two heads would be better than one for China’s ‘Mighty Dragon’

A twin-seater version of China’s most advanced fighter jet the J-20 would be able to target enemy electronic equipment and operate in tandem with swarms of …South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Russian man ‘trapped’ on Chinese reality TV show finally voted out after three months

Vladislav Ivanov says he regretted his decision to join Produce Camp 2021 but fans refused to vote him out.The Guardian7 hours ago

Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan island

In view of the violent political polarization of the US at home, an ill-advised foreign war with no path to victory would only serve to accelerate America’s decline.Global Times20 hours ago

Businessman to Admit Smuggling Marine Tech to China

Qin Shuren of Massachusetts is pleading guilty to illegally exporting equipment that officials say could help China as it builds an undersea drone armada.The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

China launches space mining test spacecraft on commercial rideshare mission

China launched a small space mining test spacecraft and eight other commercial satellites into orbit on a Long March 6 rocket late Monday.SpaceNews15 hours ago

China’s New Digital Yuan Is No Reason to Worry

Western democracies have good reasons to worry about China and its policies at home and abroad, but the Chinese government’s quest to issue a new form of …Bloomberg12 hours agoOpinion

China Just Commissioned Three Warships in a Single Day

China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has commissioned three new warships in just one day—almost half as many as the U.S. will commission in one …Popular Mechanics11 hours ago

Why India’s complete economic disengagement from China is unrealistic

If India hopes to implement infra projects in the neighbourhood to restrain China, it will have to create management groups to support diplomats on the ground.ThePrint18 hours agoOpinion

Chloé Zhao’s historic Oscars win muted in China, SBS posts deleted

China’s main media outlets have remained silent on Chloé Zhao’s historic Oscars win, while news posts put up by SBS Chinese on Beijing-run social media …SBS19 hours ago

As US and China offer coronavirus aid, India wary of hidden agendas

While the US has soured sentiment by dragging its feet, sceptics say China sees its chance to drive a wedge between allies.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post16 hours ago

Oil Spill Reported Off China Coast After Tanker, Bulk Carrier Collide

A collision between an oil tanker and a bulk carrier off China’s east coast port city of Qingdao on Tuesday has resulted in an oil spill in the Yellow Sea, China’s …NPR8 hours ago

Darwin Port lease to Chinese company Landbridge should be reviewed, former PM Kevin Rudd says

Former PM Kevin Rudd says he expects the federal government will “tear up” the 99-year lease of Darwin Port given to Chinese company Landbridge, due to the …ABC News22 hours ago

Chinese netizens sympathize with, support helping India fight epidemic, while some hold mixed feelings

An old Chinese saying, “A close neighbor is better than a distant relative,” was recently echoed by many Chinese and Indian netizens after China and other …Global Times16 hours ago

China, Russia resist increased scrutiny of pandemic response

The final document will be presented to the World Health Assembly in May.POLITICO.eu12 hours ago

China gets serious about antitrust in cyberspace

A record penalty slapped on Alibaba Group Holding earlier this month kicked off China’s clampdown on anti-competitive activity in cyberspace, where a few …Nikkei Asia11 hours ago

China targets foreign spies and ‘hostile forces’ with new anti-espionage rules

Hong Kong (CNN) China is stepping up anti-espionage activities amid worsening ties with the United States and a renewed focus on national security ahead of …CNN 21 hours ago

China’s industrial profits nearly double as demand for raw materials rises

Profits at China’s industrial firms nearly doubled in March from a year ago, as demand for raw materials surged along with the economic recovery, official data …Reuters18 hours ago

Lychee, roses and hops: Top China brewer offers no-alcohol suds

DALIAN, China — China’s largest brewer is jumping into the market for nonalcoholic beers, which have taken the world by storm among young, health-con.Nikkei Asia7 hours ago

Japan’s diplomatic bluebook mentions China 273 times as it plays up ‘China threat’ theory, but leaves room for ‘two-pronged strategy’

Though mentioning China 273 times as “one of its most important diplomatic ties” in the 2021 edition of the Diplomatic Bluebook, the Japanese government …Global Times12 hours ago

Ushopal looks to charm China’s beauty lovers with niche Western brands

What will China’s answer to Estée Lauder look like in the digital age? According to Ushopal, it will provide a seamless online and offline shopping experience, …TechCrunch11 hours ago

India’s surging COVID-19 infections unlikely to impact China, but vigilance can’t be relaxed ahead of May Day holidays: epidemiologists

The spiraling COVID-19 epidemic situation in India has touched the hearts of the Chinese public in the past few days, while some netizens are also worried that …Global Times16 hours ago

The New Map: China And The US

The South China Sea is the most important body of water for the world economy,” says Daniel Yergin, author of The New Map: Energy, Climate and the Clash of …Forbes14 hours ago

If China’s middle class continues to thrive and grow, what will it mean for the rest of the world?

Over the past few decades, hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens have become part of the middle class. AP Photo/Ng Han GuanChina’s large and impressive …Yahoo News13 hours ago

Call to return Newcastle Port to Australian hands

Experts have warned that China could turn Newcastle Port – a key strategic asset – into an economic weapon against Australia and are trying to reclaim it.Daily Telegraph16 hours ago

Foreigners Begin to Know More about China — Chinese and Foreign Reporters Revealed China’s War of Resistance Behind Enemy Lines

In June 1944, Yan’an greeted a special group of guests — a team of 21 Chinese and foreign reporters visiting China’s northwest. They included foreign …Global Times23 hours ago

Pandemic accelerates major shifts in China’s seafood marketplace

Long a proponent of sourcing more seafood from overseas, China’s central government has shifted its strategy in response to pressures related to COVID-19.SeafoodSource12 hours ago

A ‘tidal wave’ of Chinese companies rush into the red-hot IPO market in the U.S.

In China’s start-up world, the rich are getting richer as investors and companies clamor for a piece of the hot U.S. IPO market — before it loses steam.CNBC24 minutes ago

Renamed Zhao Shang Yi Dun, Viking Sun officially flies China flag

Viking Sun renamed Zhao Shang Yi Dun, registered in Shenzhen, marking first Chinese-flag luxury cruise ship.Seatrade Cruise News13 hours ago

China’s Domestic Market Continues To Show A Strong Recovery

China’s domestic airline market continues to rebound from 2020. Since the beginning of March, the number of domestic flights operated has exceeded not only …Simple Flying22 hours ago

China to mobilise private companies to help India fight Covid-19 surge

Beijing promises to meet Indian requests for supplies and to guide Chinese companies to actively provide support.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post19 hours ago

U.S. legislation on China to be delayed, lawmakers say

A U.S. legislative proposal to allocate $112 billion for basic and advanced technology research and science in the face of rising competitive pressure from China …Reuters4 hours ago

Well-Know Mark Recognitions in China

This is the last guest post in a 4-part series regarding Chinese well-known trademarks by Yan Zhang, Feifei Bian & Austin Chang of Beijing East IP. The first part …The National Law Review6 hours ago

China’s Huarong suffers first debt downgrade after bond sell-off

Huarong Asset Management, China’s biggest distressed debt investor, has suffered its first credit rating downgrade by an international agency weeks into a …Financial Times22 hours ago

Chinese researchers calculate Central Asia’s water waste, agriculture potential

Central Asia is one of the most water-stressed places on the planet. Soviet efforts to farm the steppe drained the Aral Sea. Today the enduring …bne IntelliNews1 hour ago

China’s uneven pandemic recovery worsens regional economic divide

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated economic divisions in China, with southern and eastern provinces posting strong growth in the first quarter while …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post14 hours ago

China’s Xi vows support for private firms amid concerns of government intervention

President Xi Jinping’s message comes as the central government has ramped up control over the countries’ millions of private firms, in an effort to exert greater …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

China’s Sinopharm sends 50 million vaccine doses overseas

China’s Sinopharm has sent 50 million COVID-19 vaccine doses overseas and analysts predicted that China will become the country that sends the most …Global Times23 hours ago

China: Sandstorm engulfs town in Gansu province

Meteorologists have warned people to stay indoors to avoid the sand lifted from the Gobi desert in the north.DW (English)16 hours ago

China’s export share grew in pandemic but may be near peak, UNCTAD says

China’s share of global exports has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic to close to 15% although its dominance may soon peak as domestic demand …Reuters10 hours ago

China Boosts Djibouti Presence: More Investments and Naval Base Capable of Docking Aircraft Carriers

In tandem with the warning from US Africa Command that China’s naval base in Djibouti – for now, its only overseas military facility – has the ability to …Future Directions International18 hours ago

John Kerry says US and China’s ‘differences on human rights’ shouldn’t get in way of fighting climate change

John Kerry said the U.S. and China’s “differences on human rights” should not preclude the countries from working together on climate change.Fox News7 hours ago

China to help set up South Asia Covid-19 emergency supplies reserve

China pledged to set up a reserve of “emergency supplies” with South Asian nations on Tuesday during talks with five countries in the region on combating …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post10 hours ago

Tesla ‘brakes’ in China over image crisis, despite record Q1 earnings

While releasing record first-quarter earnings on Monday (US time), Tesla CEO Elon Musk avoided any specific mention of the Chinese market, in an apparent …Global Times15 hours ago

China develops self-made brain-computer interface chip, curbing tech ‘bottleneck’ amid US tension

Chinese research teams are striving to build self-developed chips for brain-computer interface (BCI), a critical bioscience sector that could collect and analyze …Global Times16 hours ago

GT exclusive: China’s first integrated base supporting rocket building, sea launch to be ‘operational in May’

China’s new rocket base specially designed to support seaborne rocket launches, located in the coastal city of Haiyang, East China’s Shandong Province, will …Global Times11 hours ago

China expects May Day travel boom with anti-epidemic measures in place

In a few days, China’s airports, train stations and tourist sites will be filled with buzzing travelers and tourists while regular COVID-19 containment measures …Macau Business1 hour ago

Tesla car crashes into wet market in Jiangsu, China, injuring 3: police

A Tesla car reportedly lost control and crashed into a wet market in East China’s Jinangsu Province on Tuesday, causing three injuries, raising more concerns …Global Times18 hours ago

Huarong Mess Shows China’s Need for U.S.-Style Financial Reform

Drama around the future of one of China’s biggest bad-debt managers is highlighting the urgent need for the country to simplify oversight of its financial system.Bloomberg5 hours ago

Iron ore hits record on China demand

Iron ore, the steelmaking ingredient that is the main source of profits for some of the world’s biggest miners, has hit a record high as Chinese steel mills crank up …Financial Times10 hours ago

China Tweaks Its Template On SOE Defaults

A surprise default by a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) is still reverberating in domestic financial markets, nearly six months later. S&P Global Ratings …S&P Global14 hours ago

After Default, Zambia’s Outsized Bet on Copper Could Play Into China’s Hands

Zambia, which defaulted on payments to bondholders in November, is doubling down on debt with a high-stakes bet that nationalizing one of its biggest copper …The Wall Street Journal16 hours ago

Could China’s digital renminbi pose the US dollar a challenge?

Globally, as many countries are progressing on their central bank digital currency (CBDC) research, important questions have arisen. As China began testing a …Mint16 minutes agoOpinion

China’s Red Rocks and Rainbow Ridges

In northwestern China’s Gansu province, at the northernmost extent of the Tibetan Plateau, the landscape offers layer upon layer of spectacularly colorful rocks.nasa.gov3 hours ago

As Border Tensions Escalate With India, China Deploys ‘Combined Air Defense System’ Near The Indian Border — Reports

As tensions between India and China remain tense, the Chinese PLA Army & Air Force have for the first time set up a combined air defense system somewhere …EurAsian Times13 hours ago

China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025): Spotlight on Semiconductors

As discussed in our previous article on the topic, China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (“FYP”) is a vast document that outlines the country’s ambitious plans…Lexology16 hours ago

Blinken cautions Africa on China during ‘trip’ to Nigeria, Kenya

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday cautioned Africa to beware of China’s growing role as he vowed a greater US commitment in talks with Nigeria …Yahoo News Australia10 hours ago

All but two Chinese provincial-level areas report double-digit GDP growth in Q1

All of China’s provincial-level areas, except for Northeast China’s Jilin and Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, which have yet to report their figures, …Global Times12 hours ago

Yum China tops Q1 views, warns of lingering pandemic worries

Yum China Holdings Inc. undefined shares rose more than 2% in the extended session Tuesday after the operator of KFC, Pizza Hut and other fast-food brands …MarketWatch5 hours ago

China’s Economic Divide Between North and South Is Set to Widen

The economic divide between China’s prospering southern regions and lagging northern areas will continue to widen in coming years, with huge implications for …Bloomberg15 hours ago

China Is Already Tapering Stimulus With Drop in Bond Sales

(Bloomberg) — China’s local authorities have slowed the pace of debt sales to finance infrastructure projects this year, evidence of a gradual tightening of fiscal …BloombergQuint19 hours ago


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A kaleidoscope illusion and a China sandstorm: Tuesday’s best photos

Main image: Arbil, Iraq A visitor looks into a kaleidoscope installation at the Illusion Museum. Photograph: Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images. Tue 27 Apr 2021 …The Guardian15 hours ago

Volkswagen: Start of construction of new electric car plant in China

Volkswagen Group China has begun construction of an all-new MEB plant at Volkswagen Anhui recently. As the third of the Group’s pure-electric vehicle …Automotive World13 hours ago

Advancing human rights in China has nothing to do with geopolitics

OPINION: NZ has taken an equivocal approach on China’s record, but has the hard line taken by the US and its allies done any better? Or has China simply dug … hours agoOpinion

How China helped push corn futures to a nearly 8-year high

Corn prices hit a nearly 8-year high Tuesday, part of a broad rally for agricultural commodities that’s stoking inflation fears. There are several drivers behind the …MarketWatch4 hours ago

Hong Kong is ‘forever lost’ to China: ‘Swimming to Freedom’ author

‘Swimming to Freedom’ author Dr. Kent Wong shares his story of escaping China and its hold over Hong Kong.Fox Business13 hours ago

France’s BNP Paribas applies to set up a securities firm in China

China’s securities regulator has received an application from France’s BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA) to set up a securities company in China, the latest foreign player …Reuters15 hours ago

As Part of Trend to Target China, Sens. Brown and Portman Introduce Updates to U.S. Antidumping Duty/Countervailing Duty Laws

On April 15, 2021, Sens. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Rob Portman, R-Ohio, introduced S. 1187, the Eliminating Global Market Distortions to Protect American …Sidley Austin LLP9 hours ago

Serbs fret over environmental costs of Chinese investment

Activists say infrastructure projects leave region wedded to outdated technologies.Financial Times21 hours ago

The Nio normal: Chinese electric carmaker seeks to plug buyers into lifestyle app

In Shanghai, aerospace executive Lu Hao didn’t just buy a sleek electric SUV from Nio (NIO.N), China’s answer to Tesla . He bought Nio’s whole vision of a …Reuters12 hours ago

New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China

China’s growing assertiveness represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and its 57 …University of Birmingham11 hours ago

China Eastern Airlines Makes Notable Achievements in Reducing Carbon Emissions and Pursuing Sustainable Development

China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) has saved more than 600000 tons of fuel oil and reduced about two million tons of carbon emissions in 2020, th.Business Wire16 hours ago

British carrier’s visit to Japan signals closer ties amid China tensions

When the British Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier strike group makes its first port call in Japan as part of a 28-week, 26,000 nautical mile (48,000 …The Japan Times16 hours ago

China’s Imports of Commodities Drive a Boom in Dry-Bulk Shipping

China’s surging imports of metals, grain and other commodities are providing a boost to a bulk-shipping sector at the center of global industrial production.The Wall Street Journal9 hours ago

EU Threatens Fines and Merger Bans for Chinese State Firms

The European Commission is seeking powers to levy fines or block deals by foreign state-owned companies in a thinly veiled response to the growing economic …Bloomberg8 hours ago


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