China in the News: May 1, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

The politics of standing up to Xi’s China

The new Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, has been criticised for warmongering this week, and the government stands accused of trying to set up a China panic to …Sydney Morning Herald5 hours ago

Real motive behind Mike Pezzullo’s ‘drums of war’ opinion piece

There are many ways in which a top-ranking national security official can write a public memo warning of a potential war brewing on the home hours ago

Biden’s 100 days: hawkish approach to China stokes Beijing frictions

President has taken tough stance closer to that of Donald Trump than experts had predicted.Financial Times11 hours ago

Where are the grown-ups? All this loose talk about China and war is dangerous

A war fought over which political order prevails in Taiwan is not worth the price. Australian diplomacy ought to be identifying the off-ramps that will avoid this …The Age5 hours ago

China’s economic growth may have ‘peaked’, set to ‘wane’ for rest of 2021

China’s official manufacturing and non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ indices (PMI) fell in April, with some analysts suggesting that economic activity has …South China Morning Post15 hours ago

China’s new IP rights protections fall short: Biden’s trade rep

The Biden administration urged China to do more to respect the intellectual property of US companies.Aljazeera.com5 hours ago

China’s Paper Tiger Surveillance State – The Diplomat

China is the quintessential surveillance state: cameras perch on every street corner and bots monitor every corner of the internet. Chinese officials believe these …The Diplomat13 hours ago

Giants Tencent, Bytedance among companies reined in by China

Beijing for years took a hands off approach towards tech firms, but it is now stepping up scrutiny.BBC News21 hours ago

Chloé Zhao represents the American Dream — and the Chinese Communist Party’s nightmare

Disney has a Chloé Zhao problem. In a way, it’s the sort of problem any studio would be happy to have: The director of its forthcoming Marvel Cinematic …The Washington Post13 hours ago

China Moves Toward a Permanent Space Presence

The launch of the first piece of China’s space station is a big step toward achieving a long-standing goal.The Diplomat5 hours ago

Bargaining with China Today to Save the World Tomorrow

As climate czar, John Kerry has been tasked with a moral balancing act that few leaders have ever faced.The New Yorker6 hours ago

Alibaba freezes executive pay amid China’s curbs on big tech -sources

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding has frozen pay for senior executives in 2021 and is instead giving junior staff bigger salary increases, …Reuters14 hours ago

Queensland senator Matt Canavan says mining firms should boost defence industry to counter China

A Nationals senator has called on Australian mining companies to put “patriotism over profits” and invest in the nation’s defence capabilities. Matt Canavan … hours ago

Xi Jinping offers China’s help to address Indian Covid-19 crisis

Chinese president tells Indian PM Narendra Modi he is willing to strengthen cooperation and provide support as India reports almost 390000 new cases on …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post13 hours ago

China administers record daily number of COVID-19 vaccines

China carried out about 9.6 million vaccinations against COVID-19 on April 29, bringing the total number administered to 253.46 million, according to data …Reuters17 hours ago

Record number of Chinese to travel over Labour Day break, but stick close to home

A record-breaking wave of Chinese tourists will hit the road for the Labour Day break, and with borders still shut many will be travelling domestically, to more …Reuters12 hours ago

China’s climate pivot could reshape the economic future

Many of the same arguments persist as international climate negotiations enter a fourth decade. But actions matter.The Interpreter20 hours ago

Chinese workers allege forced labor, abuses in Xi’s ‘Belt and Road’ program

For months, Ding was locked in a 170-square-foot workers’ dormitory near a Chinese smelting facility in Konawe, Indonesia, where he had been assigned to …The Washington Post10 hours ago

Global supply chain shifts from China, but it remains top sourcing location

American and European companies are gradually reducing their reliance on China, and its popularity as a sourcing market among Western buyers took a hit …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

China’s Xi offers more help to India in message to Modi

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is offering additional assistance to India in battling the coronavirus outbreak ravaging the country.ABC News11 hours ago

U.S. national security adviser says China climate cooperation not a ‘favor’

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday the United States does not consider China’s cooperation on climate change a favor, and that …Reuters4 hours ago

Sorenson: China Is Opting Out of the US-Run Financial System- CoinDesk

If the U.S. government doesn’t lead financial innovation, China will leapfrog it and control the world’s emerging monetary infrastructure.CoinDesk10 hours ago

Kissinger warns China and US against escalating to all-out AI conflict

Former US secretary of state says the US must maintain high performance in artificial intelligence.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post15 hours ago

China Orders Tech Giants to Unbundle Financial Services

Regulators tell the companies that the bundling of several financial services within a single platform obscured how much money was flowing into the various …The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

China’s Politburo targets economic risks to ensure post-pandemic recovery

The Chinese political leadership has called for the country to double down on tackling its economic weaknesses, including uneven growth, deep-seated …South China Morning Post11 hours ago

Big Trouble in Little China

Leading COVID exporter China may be in a population decline. If so, it’d be the first time the population has gone backwards since Mao’s Great Leap Forward.Daily Telegraph19 hours ago

‘A day to pack up our lives and get out’: journalist Bill Birtles on fleeing China

As diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Canberra worsened, the ABC’s foreign correspondent and his partner had to leave everything – immediately.The Age23 hours ago

Duterte Hedges as China Challenges in the South China Sea

Manila asserted its right to conduct military drills in the South China Sea, but President Duterte continues to approach the issue with caution.The Diplomat13 hours ago

Nokia targets China fightback

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark vowed to bid in the next round of network tenders in China later this year.Mobile World Live15 hours ago

Backflips on China no problem for Morrison’s inconsistent government

Who needs consistency when you’re entirely focused on political interests? Not Scott Morrison or the Coalition.Crikey22 hours ago

China’s top airlines see recovery in traffic, but not in profits

HONG KONG — As China recovered from the worst of its battle against the coronavirus pandemic and life gradually returned to normal, the country’s airlines …Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

Chinese Fintech Platforms Meet With Regulators, Week In Review

Fintech company Lufax Holding reported Q1 financial results after the US market close Monday.Forbes8 hours ago

China toughens war on financial scams ahead of new fraud rules

China has ramped up a crackdown on financial scams, from cryptocurrency swindles to bogus patriotic fundraising that capitalizes on the coming 100th birthday …Reuters15 hours ago

Global growth has ninety-nine problems but China ain’t Yuan

Local market ran into profit taking on big caps from global investors and small/micro caps from retail investors as the last day of the month rolled in. We had …Livewire Markets16 hours ago

‘Plus-size’ boy band in China seeks to inspire fans

Members of the Chinese music group Produce Pandas strike a pose while practicing dance choreography during rehearsals in Beijing, Apr 15, 2021. (Photo: …CNA19 hours ago

Heads roll as ‘mind power’ egg scandal rocks China

Vocational college and journal shut down as authorities investigate payment-to-publish culture plaguing academic publishing.South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Tesla Camera Concerns Spur China to Review Car Data Regulations

China is considering new regulations that would require data collected by intelligent cars to be stored in the country, a move triggered by recent concerns that …Bloomberg16 hours ago

Why so many people in China are becoming mermaids

A shoal of 100 mermaid divers broke the Guinness World Record for largest underwater mermaid show on April 28 in China. The sport has experienced a surge …CNN 20 hours ago

Chinese Solar Firm Plans Tours to Rebut Forced Labor Claims

U.S.-listed Daqo New Energy Corp. has fired back at allegations that forced labor is used at factories in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, saying it will …Bloomberg8 hours ago

The shortest history of china

In this edited extract, LINDA JAIVIN explains why she has set out to write a history of the country that has fascinated her for the past 40 years.The Canberra Times10 hours ago

China on alert for Covid-19 variant from India as Labour Day stress test looms

The B.1.617 strain has been detected among some inbound travellers, Chinese health authorities say.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post22 hours ago

Western companies face nationalist backlash in China over criticism from home countries

A new report released Friday details a pattern of abuse of Chinese workers along Beijing’s global development initiative, the Belt and Road. The West also …PBS NewsHour2 hours ago

Chinese embassy deletes anti-Semitic, anti-US image after Twitter spat

The image that portrayed the US as the Grim Reaper with a Star of David on his scythe suggest US efforts to spread democracy brought death to Muslim …South China Morning Post11 hours ago

BlueCity gets license to launch internet hospital for men’s health in China

New York-listed BlueCity, the developer of Chinese LGBTQ+ dating app Blued, has obtained a license to launch an internet hospital in China focusing on men’s …Healthcare IT News15 hours ago

Huge rocket looks set for uncontrolled reentry following Chinese space station launch

The Long March 5B rocket which launched China’s first space station module Thursday is likely to undergo an uncontrolled reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere …SpaceNews13 hours ago

China tries to revive rust-belt with world’s largest offshore airport

Dalian city in China’s northeast rust belt is building a new 21 sq km (8.1 square miles) airport on reclaimed land off the coast, nearly double the size of Hong …South China Morning Post11 hours ago

Former China defender Zhang Enhua dies at 48

Former China international defender Zhang Enhua, a member of the country’s World Cup squad in 2002, died on Thursday at the age of 48, Chinese state media …Reuters20 hours ago

China issues draft rules on privacy protection for app users

Chinese regulators have published draft rules for protecting the privacy of users of mobile phone applications (apps) .Out-Law.com16 hours ago

China would find change in policy toward Taiwan `deeply destabilising`: US

Beijing would find it “deeply destabilising” if the United States were to explicitly state it would come to Taiwan`s defence in the event of a Chinese invasion, the …WION18 hours ago

Moon Jae-in’s visit to US tinged by promises to China

TOKYO — The strained ties between the U.S. and South Korea can be likened to a couple going through a particularly rocky stretch, in which a slight m.Nikkei Asia21 hours ago

Why China may struggle to meet its Covid-19 vaccination target by June

Jabs in acute shortage, with production capacity yet to catch up with domestic need and export demand.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post20 hours ago

At Least 3 Killed in Landslide Near Controversial China-Backed Project in Indonesia

At least three people were killed and nine missing, officials said Friday, when torrential rains unleashed a landslide near the construction site of a controversial …Radio Free Asia5 hours ago

Seeing double: women shocked to discover they are identical twins separated at birth

Cheng Keke thought it was strange when people kept telling her she looked just like another woman. Then the two met and everything changed.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

China’s Ant-backed MYBank plans to expand rural reach

MYBank, the online bank backed by China’s Ant Group 688688.SS, said on Friday it aimed to serve 2000 rural Chinese counties by 2025, more than doubling …Reuters16 hours ago

Chinese electric automaker Nio says chip shortage will slow car deliveries

The start-up forecast second-quarter deliveries of between 21000 and 22000 vehicles, for growth of 5% to 10% from the first three months of the year.CNBC20 hours ago

How China could crack down on Tesla, according to experts

It’s clear from state media that Beijing is trying to slow Tesla’s growth to boost domestic rivals. Too bad Tesla desperately needs China’s market.Business Insider5 hours ago

Raffaello Pantucci on China’s Presence in South Asia

As the United States embarks on its withdrawal from Afghanistan, some wonder what China will do given the country’s critical interests in South and Central Asia.The Diplomat23 hours ago

China Recalibrates Economic Recovery Plans

After years of promoting rapid economic growth, China’s government is facing a far more complicated task for recovery this year. The record-shattering …Radio Free Asia9 hours ago

China’s Shenzhen issues rules on outbound investment scheme

China’s southern financial and technology hub of Shenzhen published rules on Friday for a pilot scheme that allows qualified domestic investors invest abroad, …Reuters14 hours ago

Austal to sell interest in Chinese shipbuilding joint venture

After news broke last month that Austal had issues with a shipment of Chinese aluminium, the company announced on the ASX this week that it has begun talks …Australian Defence Magazine21 hours ago

Falun Gong-aligned media push fake news about Democrats and Chinese communists

The Epoch Times, believed to be linked to the Chinese religious movement, is part of an anti-CCP influence operation tapping into the US right, according to a …The Guardian16 hours ago

The Two Sides of Chinese GDP by Nancy Qian

Many economists care more about China’s per capita GDP, or income per person, than the aggregate measure. The key takeaway is that China remains a poor …Project Syndicate11 hours agoOpinion

Morgan Stanley’s China Partner Seeks to Sell Stakes in Ventures

China Fortune Securities Co. is seeking buyers for stakes in two ventures with Morgan Stanley, paving the way for the U.S. bank to take further control of the …Bloomberg22 hours ago

US embassy in China to open student visa service on May 4; restrictions on Chinese STEM students still effective

The US embassy and consulates in China are scheduled to open visa appointments for Chinese students on May 4, after Washington announced easing of …Global Times14 hours ago

China’s top legislator calls for improved work to better serve country, people – Xinhua |

BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhua) — Top Chinese legislator Li Zhanshu on Thursday called on the people’s congresses to improve their work so that they can meet the …Xinhua16 hours ago

CNSNews claims to be blocked in China, citing decline in internet traffic

CNSNews reported Friday that government censors in China are blocking its website after its audience increased in the communist country last year.Fox News3 hours ago

China begins construction of laboratory in space – video

China has sent into space the core module of its space station at the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in the southern province of Hainan, kicking off a series of …The Guardian14 hours ago

Kissinger warns of ‘colossal’ dangers in US-China tensions

Acclaimed diplomat Henry Kissinger said Friday that US-China tensions threaten to engulf the entire world and could lead to an Armageddon-like clash between …Daily Telegraph5 hours ago

Is Japan Distancing itself from China?

Welcome to instalment XXVIII (April 2021) of Sino-Japanese Review, a monthly column on major developments in relations between China and Japan that …Tokyo Review22 hours ago

China’s Belt and Road Initiative invests in African infrastructure — and African military and police forces

China’s military base in Djibouti isn’t the only sign of increasing Chinese security engagement in Africa. Although analysts typically see China’s Belt and Road …Washington Post15 hours ago

Here’s why the global reflation trade can survive China’s credit slowdown

Could a tightening of China’s lending spigots put an end to the global reflation trade this year?MarketWatch6 hours ago

Next China: Economic Data Obscures North’s Regional Laggards

China’s headline economic statistics show growth bouncing back strongly from last year’s virus-induced downturn. That’s not, of course, the entire picture.Bloomberg20 hours ago

Europe’s economy shrinks as US, China recoveries power ahead

Europe has its second straight quarter of shrinking economic growth, thanks to lockdowns and slow vaccine roll-outs.Al Jazeera English2 hours ago

How Joe Biden’s views on China filter into his domestic policy

Biden tends to refract many domestic questions through a prism of China’s growing might and the need to build American competitiveness.CNN 23 hours ago

China’s Smartphone Market Records First Growth In Four Years – channelnews

The Chinese smartphone market has recovered after a horror run over the past four years. Smartphone shipments increase 27 per cent, with 92.4 million units …ChannelNews22 hours ago

China’s healthcare market is expected to grow from RMB6 trillion in 2019 to RMB16 trillion in 2030

PRNewswire/ — Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereafter “Ping An” or the “Group”, HKEX: 2318; SSE: 601318) is investing in a holistic…PRNewswire16 hours ago

Huntkey participates in the 2021 China Manned Space Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition Opening in Shenzhen City “Challenge, Mars”

SHENZHEN, China, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 27, 2021, the “Challenge, Mars” China Manned Space Science and Technology Achievement …PRNewswire10 hours ago

China makes ‘world’s largest satellite image database’ to train AI better

Database of 15000 high-definition images and 1 million labelled ‘scenes’ can aid AI’s accuracy, such as enabling it to identify not only a plane but its model.South China Morning Post9 hours ago

Global and China EV Charger Market Report 2021 –

The “Global and Chinese Ev Charger Industry, 2021 Market Research Report” report has been added to’s offering.Yahoo Finance17 hours ago

Australia stands ready to take back Darwin Port from China

The Port of Newcastle, the world’s biggest coal port, was handed over to a Chinese-backed consortium for 98 years for $1.75 billion when Mike Baird was NSW …Daily Mail15 hours ago

China Beefs Up Antimonopoly Body Amid Regulatory Push

China’s antitrust watchdog is beefing up its senior ranks as authorities step up efforts to rein in powerful technology companies.The Wall Street Journal10 hours ago

Air France flights to Shanghai suspended from May 10 after COVID cases

China said on Friday that Air France’s weekly passenger *service* to Shanghai would be suspended for two weeks starting on May 10, after six passengers on a …Reuters14 hours ago

China Sevoflurane Investigation Market Report 2021: Due to the Therapeutic Advantages, Sevoflurane Dominates the Market – Forecast to 2025

Dublin, April 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Investigation Report on China’s Sevoflurane Market, 2021-2025” report has been added to …Yahoo Finance16 hours ago

China Policy Banks Postpone Earnings, Echoing Last Year’s Delay

China Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China and the Export-Import Bank of China, the nation’s three policy banks, delayed the release of …Bloomberg15 hours ago

China says Xinjiang sanctions are an ‘industry genocide’ targeting businesses

A spokesman for the regional government says Western sanctions are ‘waste paper’ and an attempt to hamper its companies internationally.South China Morning Post10 hours ago

China Budesonide Market Report 2021: Sales Decreased by 29.30% in 2020 – Forecast to 2025 –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Investigation Report on China’s Budesonide Market 2021-2025” report has been added to’s …Business Wire12 hours ago

Tesla turns on the charm in China with new discount and perks amid negative press

Tesla is turning on the charm in China by offering new discounts and perks amid changes in perception as a result of recent negative press. Over the last few …Electrek.co9 hours ago

China Snacks Food Market 2021: Market is Expected to be $142.9 Billion by 2027 – The Industry is Entering the Fast Growth Lane

Dublin, April 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “China Snacks Food Market, By Categories, Cities, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast” report has …Yahoo Finance UK12 hours ago

Sony launches PlayStation 5 in China to mixed reaction

… The launch follows Chinese authorities’ crackdown on smuggled video games and consoles to comply with the government’s strict *content* regulations.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

Regulatory Risk Steps-up for Chinese Internet Companies

Fitch Ratings-Hong Kong-30 April 2021: Fitch Ratings says revenue diversity, strong free cash flow (FCF) generation and high liquidity headroom will inc.Fitch Ratings16 hours ago

China launches key module of ‘rival’ space station

China has launched another craft to develop their own space station as a rival to the International Space Station which China is not allowed to participate in, …Sky News Australia15 hours ago

UBI in Brazil, Biden’s latest tax hike, and China’s space station

We gather the numbers to know from the week’s biggest economic and business news stories.Al Jazeera English2 hours ago

Panasonic nears deal to outsource TV production to China’s TCL

OSAKA — Panasonic is poised to outsource production of televisions to Chinese rival TCL, the world’s third-largest TV maker, in the Ja.Nikkei Asia4 hours ago

Why China’s Economic Recovery Is Outpacing the U.S.

Bloomberg New Economy Editorial Director Andrew Browne discusses how the economic recovery in China is outpacing the U.S. as the world battles back from …Bloomberg6 hours ago

Copper’s Surge Toward a Record High Is Hitting Chinese Industry

Copper’s surge toward a record high is starting to cause stress for industrial consumers in China, the world’s largest market for the metal. Some Chinese …Bloomberg6 hours ago

Japan Parliament approves RCEP free trade deal with China and ASEAN

The Parliament of Japan (Diet) on Wednesday approved the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) free trade deal at a plenary meeting of the …JURIST6 hours ago

Putin finds ally in China’s TikTok in crackdown on critics

The Kremlin approached Chinese authorities about anti-government *content* on the popular short video app earlier this year, according to an official.South China Morning Post4 hours ago

Toyota fined by China’s regulator for violating anti-monopoly laws

BEIJING (Kyodo) — China’s market regulator on Friday fined Toyota Motor, Japan’s largest automaker, 500,000 yuan ($77,313) for violating anti-monopoly laws.Nikkei Asia10 hours ago

Ministry warns job sites on Chinese job ads ban

The Ministry of Labor has sent an official notice to several online job banks, saying that it is stepping up the enforcement of laws that prohibit them from helping …台北時報8 hours ago

Bubs Australia appears to be turning corner in key China goats milk infant formula market

Bubs Australia has encouraging news in the key China sales market for its infant formula market. See the latest.The Weekly Times21 hours ago

Britain’s Royal Navy Is Sending a Warning to China

A strike group led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth wants to bring “Global Britain” to the Indo-Pacific.Bloomberg16 hours agoOpinion


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