China in the News: May 5, 2021

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Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Australians don’t want a war with China. It’s time to raise voices against it

For a long time now, Australia’s discussion of China has been replete with the language of war: political warfare, hybrid warfare, even the campus as a …Sydney Morning Herald7 hours ago

Australia Draws A Line on China

Australian defense officials and politicians alike are striking an increasingly hawkish tone on China. This week, it was revealed that a former top general warned …Foreign Policy6 hours ago

Philippine Foreign Minister takes profanity-laced crack at Beijing over its lingering presence in the South China Sea

The war of words between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea escalates again as Rodrigo Duterte’s Foreign Minister tells Beijing where to go.ABC News23 hours ago

‘How politely can I put it?’: Philippine minister’s expletive-laced message to China

The Philippine foreign minister has posted an expletive-laced Twitter message demanding China’s vessels get out of disputed waters, the latest exchange in a …9News21 hours ago

A Chinese Communist Party watcher in Parliament tweeted 42,000 times. Now he’s been told to take a break

An article published on a little-known blog about a prolific tweeter has raised questions about Chinese Communist Party influence, free speech and Australia’s …Sydney Morning Herald1 hour ago

China does not want war, at least not yet. It’s playing the long game

Talk of war has become louder in recent days, but the “drumbeat” has been heard for some time now as China’s military capabilities have grown. China does not …The Conversation AU6 hours ago

‘Huge victory:’ EU politicians celebrate as China’s sanctions backfire

The EU’s trade commissioner announced that a lucrative trade deal between the bloc and the superpower would not go ahead while sanctions were in place.Sydney Morning Herald6 hours ago

Hong Kong’s China emigres ‘cherish’ fast-disappearing freedoms

Those who moved to Hong Kong because it offered more freedoms than anywhere else in China are increasingly anxious.Al Jazeera English2 hours ago

Lousy demographics will not stop China’s rise

Demography will continue to shape world politics. But the historic connection between a growing and youthful population and increasing national power is …The Australian Financial Review1 hour ago

China’s COVID vaccines are going global — but questions remain

The WHO is reviewing two of China’s COVID-19 vaccines for use worldwide, with a decision expected soon. But published trial data remain scarce.Nature.com15 hours ago

China’s Economic Miracle Is Ending

The China miracle is ending. That miracle consisted of very exceptionally strong growth of the economy. But Xi JinPing’s desire to control the economy will limit …Forbes10 hours ago

Blinken rejects claims of ‘cold war’ between US and China

America’s top diplomat Antony Blinken has rejected claims the US is entering a cold war with China during a visit to London to discuss with G7 counterparts how …Financial Times9 hours ago

We must say no to a war with China — and understand the propaganda tricks taking us there

The ruling elite are marching us to war with China. We must push back, in the streets and in our own minds.Crikey2 hours ago

Man claims to have crossed Taiwan Strait from China in rubber dinghy, seeking ‘freedom’

Taiwan authorities are investigating whether a man from mainland China had managed to cross the Taiwan Strait in a rubber dinghy in a bid to seek political …ABC News23 hours ago

‘Not good’: Fears Chinese rocket will fall onto populated area

China has repeatedly come under fire for its lax approach to space debris. But now there are warnings pieces of its latest rocket could fall back down onto …Yahoo News Australia18 hours ago

China’s massive appetite for Australian iron ore shows no sign of ending

China’s hunger for Australian iron ore shows little sign of waning despite tensions between the countries.9News21 hours ago

Can China Create a New World Order?

In his address to Congress last week, U.S. President Joe Biden pulled a page from former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower’s playbook and tied an ambitious …Foreign Policy13 hours ago

Grim Image of India Prompts Debate Over China’s Swaggering Propaganda

An official social media post contrasting Beijing’s successes with its neighbor’s coronavirus woes drew a backlash from some, who called it callous.The New York Times12 hours ago

US-China tech war: Beijing’s secret chipmaking champions

TAIPEI — Once a month, senior executives of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. fly to Beijing for a flurry of meetings with China’s top economic managem.Nikkei Asia5 hours ago

Australia’s Spat With China Opens Door for Grain Rival Argentina

Farmers in Argentina are pouncing on a trade feud between grain rival Australia and voracious crop buyer China.Bloomberg4 hours ago

Biden administration considering changes to China securities ban following lawsuits

The Biden administration is considering changes to Trump-era rules aimed at barring China-based companies with links to that country’s military from U.S. stock …POLITICO9 hours ago

Eyes on the sky as Long March rocket debris falls back to Earth

Authorities are tracking the projectile and most of it will burn up on re-entry, according to industry insider.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

New Zealand draws back from calling Chinese abuses of Uyghurs genocide

Parliament will not debate motion and will instead discuss rights abuses in more general terms.The Guardian10 hours ago

G7 mulls a message to China: the West ain’t over just yet

The Group of Seven rich democracies will on Tuesday discuss ways of countering challenges from China and Russia without trying to contain Beijing or escalate …Reuters11 hours ago

How would war with China play out? – The Signal

In the space of a month or so, war with China has gone from being the stuff of paranoid science fiction plots to a serious political topic. But how seriously should …ABC News8 hours ago

Chinese banks accused of funding deforestation around world

Chinese banks are the second largest financers of commodities implicated in tropical rainforest deforestation, according to research that casts doubt on Beijing’s …Financial Times20 hours ago

China’s public opinion no more ‘nationalistic’ than Western, Indian opinions

I don’t think the Chinese public hold a collective schadenfreude attitude toward the devastating epidemic in India. It is normal that some are vocal about India’s …Global Times18 hours agoOpinion

Australia probe of China port signals trouble for Beijing

China News: Defence minister Peter Dutton confirmed over the weekend that his department will advise the government on what to do with the port.Times of India15 hours ago

As China Ditches High Growth, the World Must Adjust

Observers of China’s economy need to become more sophisticated in their understanding Beijing’s evolving and competing policy priorities as growth targets fall …The Diplomat10 hours ago

China’s push to cut carbon emissions boosts risks for part of the country

Fifteen regions in the northern half of China account for a growing majority of national bond defaults, according to Nomura.CNBC16 hours ago

China’s New Flash Point With US Allies Like South Korea a Hotspot for Spying

A South Korean island just off North Korea is attracting more Chinese fishing boats and warships.Bloomberg1 hour ago

China Outlines Its Priorities as UN Security Council President

China holds the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council for May, and its “first priority” is upholding the multilateral system with the U.N. at the …The Diplomat8 hours ago

In China, Writing About Pandemic, Cultural Heritage Can Get You Arrested

Writers sharing their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic or expressing views on their cultural heritage are at increased risk in China, which accounts for …VOA Asia9 hours ago

U.S. trade deficit surges to record; shortfall with China keeps rising

The U.S. trade deficit hit a *fresh* record high in March as consumers flush with government cash spurred a continuing demand for foreign-made goods. With a …CNBC2 hours ago

China Is Set to Rule Electric Car Production

Fueled with money from Wall Street and local officials, automakers plan to build eight million electric cars a year there, more than Europe and North America …The New York Times9 hours ago

Forgotten history of the Titanic’s Chinese survivors told in new documentary The Six

More than a hundred years ago, eight Chinese men left their homes and families to take up work in the US’s thriving shipping industry. Little did they know they’d …ABC News7 hours ago

How Tech Adoption Fuels China’s Innovation Boom

A conversation with Young China Group’s Zak Dychtwald on the secret behind China’s explosive business growth.Harvard Business Review13 hours ago

EU denies it has suspended efforts to ratify China investment deal

The fate of the European Union’s investment deal with China fell further into doubt after an EU spokeswoman was forced to deny a report on Tuesday saying it …South China Morning Post7 hours ago

Why Biden’s celebration of America’s successful return is premature

The US president has underestimated the complexities of outcompeting China and overestimated allies’ capacity to recommit to US leadership. Moreover …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post7 hours agoOpinion

China’s AI deployment in Africa poses risks to security and sovereignty | The Strategist

The competition to dominate Africa’s artificial intelligence and critical infrastructure markets is geopolitical and Beijing is racing for the lead. During the past 20 …The Strategist1 hour ago

iRobot breaks with Hong Kong partner over China production

HONG KONG — iRobot has broken off ties with the Hong Kong company which for years helped develop and produce the robotic vacuum Roomba in the latest.Nikkei Asia14 hours ago

watch cars using this high-speed turnaround in china’s guizhou province

chinese daily has uploaded a video to twitter showing a high-speed turnaround in case you went the wrong way. located in the guizhou province — china’s …Designboom15 hours ago

China: Elderly tourists taken on sales trip to cemetery

The group paid 18 yuan (£2) for a trip to a scenic spot in China only to arrive at a cemetery.Yahoo News Australia10 hours ago

US should be ashamed to criticize China on human rights considering its own COVID-19 death toll

The consumption spree in China during the May Day holiday has been wonderful. It is a slap in the face of the many rumormongers slandering China. It is also a …Global Times12 hours ago

China launches military observation satellite – Spaceflight Now

If you would like to see more articles like this please support our coverage of the space program by becoming a Spaceflight Now Member. If everyone who …Spaceflight Now9 hours ago

EU regulators start review of China’s Sinovac vaccine

The European Union’s drug regulator says it has started a rolling review of China’s Sinovac coronavirus vaccine to assess its effectiveness and safety, which is a …ABC News15 hours ago

Shanghai’s dynamic art scene: China’s cosmopolitan middle class and the value of international cultural exchanges

Among the many forces shaping China’s domestic transformation and its role on the world stage, none may prove more significant than the rapid emergence and …Brookings Institution11 hours ago

Why Tesla’s China PR Crisis Is Worth Watching Very Closely

Most of Tesla’s growth is in China, and that makes the current PR challenge there especially troublesome.Motley Fool12 hours ago

At G-7, US Emphasizes Desire to Uphold International Rules, Not Hold China Down

Foreign ministers representing the Group of 7 industrialized nations have a busy day of meetings Tuesday in London discussing a range of world issues, …Voice of America17 hours ago

Year after Pangong clash, China reinforces positions, rotates troops along LAC

India News: NEW DELHI: A year after Indian and Chinese soldiers first clashed on the north bank of Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh, China is now further …Times of India21 minutes ago

U.S. Proposes G-7 Coordination to Counter China’s Might

The Group of Seven nations is considering a U.S. proposal to counter what the White House sees as China’s economic coercion.Bloomberg1 hour ago

Biden Wants Higher Taxes Than China’s

How can a communist country treat capital gains more favorably than the U.S. does?The Wall Street Journal4 hours ago

How China’s Art Market Embraced NFTs

Exhibitions and headline-grabbing auctions have fueled an appetite for NFTs among collectors, curators, and investors in China.Artsy8 hours ago

What Does It Take To Stop A Chinese Land Grab? Satellite Coverage, A Lot Of Ships—And America’s Backing

Japan for decades has controlled the Senkakus, a group of uninhabited islands west of Okinawa in the East China Sea. China also claims the islands, just as it …Forbes14 hours ago

Pandora eyes U.S., China for fresh sparkle after strong start to 2021

Jewellery maker Pandora (PNDORA.CO) on Tuesday announced a push for growth in the United States and China, and potential expansion into new areas …Reuters17 hours ago

New law could end China’s infamous dog meat festival, says advocacy group

Animal activists are celebrating a new law in China that regulates the mass trafficking of feral dogs into Yulin, in the Guangxi region, which has an annual dog …New York Post 7 hours ago

Some data lacking in China Covid-19 vaccine assessments: WHO group

Advisory group assesses vaccines by Sinopharm and Sinovac Biotech ahead of their evaluation for WHO emergency authorisation.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post12 hours ago

Chinese tourists out in force as COVID-19 fears recede

BEIJING: Sipping bubble tea and dressed in their holiday finest, millions of Chinese travellers flocked to domestic tourist attractions over the Labour Day long …CNA19 hours ago

Europe recalibrates on China as Merkel’s term nears end and trans-Atlantic tensions ease

A major investment deal reached in December between the European Union and China, after seven years of painful negotiations, may end up being the …The Japan Times21 hours ago

Beef 2021: High price costs Australia Chinese market share

TRADE tensions aside, Australia has lost beef market share in China, and is unlikely to regain it while its beef prices remain high, according to RaboResearch …Beef Central22 hours ago

China Yellow River Culture Month held in Zhengzhou – PRNewswire

ZHENGZHOU, China, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China’s Henan Province refers to the southern bank of the Yellow River. The Yellow River culture is the root …PRNewswire7 hours ago

The ASX’s China problem is getting worse… and quickly

It’s no secret that the bilateral relationship between Australia and the People’s Republic of China has been on the rocks for a while now. A few months ago, …The Motley Fool Australia23 hours ago

Du Youkang on China’s Stake in Afghanistan

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan could reshape dynamics across South and Central Asia, should Afghanistan take a turn for the worst as many fear.The Diplomat12 hours ago

EU delivers vaccine jabs to Balkans after China and Russia

The European Union has started delivering EU-funded coronavirus vaccines across the Balkans, where China and Russia have for months been supplying the …ABC News12 hours ago

China tops agenda as G7 foreign ministers meet in London

Group set to devote more time to discussing approach to Beijing than any other topic as West seeks to reassert its role as a global leader.South China Morning Post12 hours ago

G-7 Foreign Ministers Discussing China, Russia, Myanmar and Syria

Foreign ministers representing the Group of 7 industrialized nations have a busy day of meetings Tuesday in London discussing a range of world issues, …Voice of America21 hours ago

Number of unhappy wives in China more than doubled since 2012

One in five women in China said last year that they regret getting marriedConcerns about domestic violence, household responsibilities and unequal public …The Star Online16 hours ago

Tech Companies Depend on China for Rare Earths. Can That Change?

A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the *content* (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising …Chronicle16 hours ago

China’s Draft Personal Information Protection Law Round Two

On April 29, 2021, China issued a second version of the draft Personal Information Protection Law (“Draft PIPL”). The Draft PIPL will be open for public …The National Law Review10 hours ago

Communist China is ‘playing global games’

Liberal MP Ted O’Brien says China is using economic coercion to achieve “geostrategic outcomes” for the communist regime. Mr O’Brien said Australia needs to …Sky News Australia17 hours ago

India grants approval for 5G trials, avoids Chinese firms

The Indian telecom ministry on Tuesday said it has granted several telecom *service* providers permission to conduct a six-month trial for the use and application …TechCrunch13 hours ago

China-Iran Strategic Cooperation: Symbolism Vs. Substance

The Diplomat author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights …The DiplomatYesterday

It’s US vs. China in race to build chip technology of tomorrow

Even as the world’s leading chipmakers scramble to solve critical supply bottlenecks, a new wave of semiconductor startups has been quietly lining up massive …PitchBook News & Analysis20 hours ago

Work to remove oil from stricken tanker off China nearly finished

Efforts to remove the cargo of an oil tanker that leaked oil into the Yellow Sea near China’sQingdao after a collision last week should be completed later on …Reuters23 hours ago

Time for China to show the love

Perhaps growing tensions around China should push Beijing to consider rethinking its philosophy of foreign affairs. For decades, China was driven by the.Asia Times22 hours ago

China’s growth prospects, further opening-up in favor of attracting FDI inflows: OECD expert

China’s favorable growth prospects and further opening-up policies are key factors that attract foreign direct investment (FDI), said an official of the Organization …Global Times23 hours ago

China’s Economic Recovery From Covid-19 Shows Signs of Slowing

Official gauges across China’s economy fell short of expectations in April, hit in part by semiconductor shortages, suggesting that the economy’s strong pandemic …Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide16 hours ago

China: US should push North Korea diplomacy, not pressure

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — China’s U.N. ambassador expressed hope Monday that President Joe Biden’s policy toward North Korea will give more importance to …The Associated Press4 hours ago

Extension to Air New Zealand and Air China alliance

3 May 2021 The announcement was made by Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Greg Foran at the China Business Summit in Auckland this morning. Mr…Mirage News22 hours ago

China launches first robotaxis in Beijing

Baidu has announced it has launched a fully autonomous robotaxi *service* in Beijing that allows users to hail driverless vehicles without a safety driver behind …Motoring7 hours ago

Column: Spot Asia LNG prices rally as China moves early on summer demand

The price of spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) for delivery to north Asia has started its traditional summer rally early this year as buyers fret about the potential for …Reuters17 hours ago

China Sends First ‘Homemade’ Aircraft Carrier to Contested South China Sea

China’s first domestically produced aircraft carrier has held combat exercises in the South China Sea off the back of Beijing’s public complaint about U.S. Navy …Newsweek12 hours ago

China Space station: The tech that sets it apart

Share. QR. Copied. Visitors check out the interior of the core module of China’s space station at an exhibition in China Science and Technology Museum in …CGTN18 hours ago

The Surprising Strength of Chinese-Japanese Ties

Tokyo will not break with Beijing—no matter what Washington wants.Foreign Affairs Magazine13 hours ago

Prominent Chinese Scientist Failed to Disclose Company Ties in COVID-19 Clinical Trial Paper

One of China’s leading scientists in the fight against COVID-19 failed to disclose ties to a pharmaceutical company in a paper stemming from a clinical trial, …Medscape4 hours ago

Post-China, TWE Has Another Crack at the US – ShareCafe

Life after China continues for wine maker and exporter, Treasury Wine Estates which is continuing to push deeper in the huge US market (even though it has …ShareCafe12 hours ago

Column: China seeks to cool red-hot steel sector, and aims at Australia

China has moved to cool its red-hot steel sector by discouraging exports and boosting imports of some feedstock alternatives to buoyant iron ore, steps largely …Reuters17 hours ago

EU’s Move Toward Biden’s Side Stirs Tensions With China

China is accusing the U.K. of turning the Group of Seven meeting in London into an anti-China block as European Union leaders begin to align themselves more …Bloomberg15 hours ago

What does China’s latest space launch mean for international scientific research?

CHINA RECENTLY launched the first module of its new space station—what impact will this have on the international scientific community? Also, how orbiting …The Economist10 hours ago

China races to hit target for COVID-19 vaccination | Video

China’s vaccination roll-out has been slower than expected as infection rates have been low. To encourage more people to get vaccinated, officials …CNA12 hours ago

China’s top enterprise cloud provider sees benefits from US-China tech war

President of Kingdee, China’s biggest corporate software maker, says the company is investing heavily in cloud services at the expense of short-term profits to …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post15 hours ago

Part-time Mermaids Are a Big Trend in China: It’s as Difficult as it is Lovely

As freediving allows for a more harmonious diving experience, the mermaid diving trend is even more immersive.Good News Network10 hours ago

COVID-19 may have first started circulating outside China: study

Share. QR. Copied. Cases of COVID-19 are reaching record figures in India. /AP/Mahesh Kumar A. Cases of COVID-19 are reaching record figures in India.CGTN10 hours ago

India-China Border Row: India Continues To Upgrade Border Infrastructure As Chinese PLA Looks To Pre-Empt India

While China has offered assistance to India to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian Army, other the other hand, continues to upgrade its border infrastructure …EurAsian Times22 hours ago

‘Strategic rival’ or ‘paper dragon’? China is both

The Financial Times crawled out on a limb last Wednesday with a report that the latest Chinese census, completed in December but not yet published, will show …Fortune15 hours ago

Australia-China relations: India travel ban risks harming relationship Labor says

Australias approach to India flies in the face of the strong partnership needed to handle an aggressive China, the opposition warns.The Australian22 hours ago

Proud Boys saw wave of contributions from Chinese diaspora before Capitol attack

The Proud Boys enjoy support from some Chinese Americans and the broader Chinese diaspora, attracted by the group’s claim to be fighting communism.USA TODAY16 hours ago

Chinese Censors Delete Meme Mocking COVID-19 Deaths in India

Censors in China have deleted a post from an account backed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that drew a mocking comparison between the fires …Radio Free Asia13 hours ago

Australia’s relationship with China seemingly ‘won’t be close again’

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says the relationship between Australia and China seemingly “won’t be close again”. “Of course we have to distance …Herald Sun13 hours ago

Generals ‘should be very careful about what they say’ about China

The Australian’s Greg Sheridan says military “generals should be very careful about what they say” as they make comments about China’s “grey zone” tactics …Sky News Australia17 hours ago

Montenegro’s Power Change Won’t Curb China’s Growing Foothold

The new government insists China’s massive investments pose no danger to Montenegro’s European Union path – but political analysts warn that the authorities …Balkan Insight20 hours ago

Chinese Auto Brands May Recover Market Share With Personalised Design and Smart Features

Fitch Ratings-Shanghai-04 May 2021: Chinese automobile brands are likely to recover market share in their home market, propelled by a wide selection of.Fitch Ratings22 hours ago


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