China in the News: May 12, 2021

China News
China News

China releases once-in-a-decade census data showing falling population growth

New census data released on Tuesday reveals China’s population growth has fallen to its slowest pace since the 1960s, posing a challenge to policymakers in …ABC News20 hours ago

China’s population growth is slowing, raising questions over global ambitions

China’s population growth is slowing and is close to a standstill — throwing into jeopardy its global economic and geopolitical ambitions, experts warn.NBC News17 hours ago

Experts fear Australia’s education sector could be next victim of China trade war

Experts are warning an Australian sector worth $10 billion could be the next victim of China’s trade hours ago

‘Need to be prepared’: Hidden warning to China in the Budget

Australia has made yet another commitment to bolstering its defence spending as the Morrison government points to growing threats in the region.Yahoo News Australia2 hours ago

If China succeeds, it will become the third nation to safely put a lander and rover on Mars.

China’s Tianwen-1 mission getting set to try and land Zhurong rover on Mars

China is about to attempt to land a spacecraft on the Red Planet. Here’s what we know about the Tianwen-1 mission.ABC News6 hours ago

Taiwan denounces China’s ‘shameless lies’ about WHO access

Taiwan’s foreign minister criticised what he called China’s “shameless lies” on Tuesday in an escalating dispute about Beijing blocking the island from the World …Reuters16 hours ago

How we should deal with China’s state-owned behemoths

Australia is uniquely exposed to Chinese investment, trade and companies owned by the Chinese government. The country needs to think about what kind of …The Australian Financial Review17 hours ago

EU’s tough talk on Hong Kong scuppered by China ally

London | Hungary has torpedoed the European Union’s attempt to issue a tough statement on China’s treatment of Hong Kong, handing Beijing’s ‘divide and …The Australian Financial Review9 hours ago

China’s Population Demographics: Managed, Not Declining

China’s population demographics do not signal a national crisis but point to a well-managed, well planned, and well executed national development strategy …China Briefing14 hours ago

Two plead guilty in case highlighting China’s online control

Chen Mei and Cai Wei had created an archive that stored articles censored from the Chinese internet.video_youtubeAl Jazeera English10 hours ago

Commentary: Just how much do China’s Belt and Road projects benefit recipient countries?

It turns out that Chinese projects overseas are giving emerging economies what they want, says a researcher.CNA3 hours agoOpinion

US Allies Are Finally Rallying Around Washington’s Assertive Stance on China

For more than 800 years, English naval ships have been launching from Portsmouth, bound for the world’s oceans. Last week, the Royal Navy opened a new …Foreign Policy5 hours ago

The Chinese and European Union flags hang during a speech by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Union, unseen, at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, in Beijing, China.

Italy Wants Europe to Reset China Ties on More Equal Footing

The European Union wants a more balanced relationship with China that includes reciprocity in areas like market access and rules on state aid, according to a …Bloomberg9 hours ago

China’s trade strikes against beef and barley have hurt Australian producers.

Australian companies given assistance to combat China’s trade strikes

Australian companies will be given assistance to withstand China’s wave of trade strikes by efforts to diversify markets as part of the first significant funding …Sydney Morning Herald16 hours ago

China looks to Turkmenistan for more gas as it cuts Australian supplies

Chinese foreign minister says his country wants to expand cooperation on the resource with the Central Asia state.South China Morning Post5 hours ago

A Tesla sign is seen at the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, China November 5, 2019. REUTERS/Aly Song/Files

EXCLUSIVE Tesla puts brake on Shanghai land buy as U.S.-China tensions weigh – sources

U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) has halted plans to buy land to expand its Shanghai plant and make it a global export hub, people familiar with the …Reuters9 hours ago

China fields J-10 jets powered by homemade engine

MELBOURNE, Australia — Chengdu J-10 jets powered by indigenous engines have entered operational *service* with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, …DefenseNews.com9 hours ago

China Subject Ratings 2021: milestones of maturity

The growing strength and expanding influence of China’s universities calls out for a yardstick that benchmarks the sector’s areas of excellence on both domestic …Times Higher Education (THE)19 hours ago

China makes us rethink capitalism

Make no mistake: China is in many important ways a capitalist country; but Chinese capitalism is a very different animal from that practiced in the West.The Japan Times18 hours agoOpinion

Man Hangs On for Life After Winds Shatter Glass Bridge in China

A man who ventured out on a glass-bottom bridge in China’s northeast was left clinging to the side for dear life after gale-force winds blew away some floor …The New York Times12 hours ago

Vulnerable education market must diversify away from China

Education is the only remaining Australian export market to China worth more than $10 billion that Beijing could target without inflicting significant harm on its …The Australian Financial Review23 hours ago

Tesla’s weak sales in China worry investors

Tesla’s recent run of bad publicity in China is apparently hurting its sales there, raising investor concerns.CNN3 hours ago

China’s drastic move on top of Mount Everest

China’s meticulous and sometimes draconian Covid-19 prevention measures have continued nearly nine kilometres above sea level.Yahoo News Australia23 hours ago

‘Outright lies’, says China on reports that it probed weaponising coronaviruses in 2015

China on Monday termed as “outright lies” the media reports that its military scientists investigated weaponising coronaviruses five years before the COVID-19 …Economic Times14 hours ago

China factory gate prices climb on global commodities boom

The price of goods leaving factories in China rose at the fastest pace in more than three years, on the back of a rally in commodities supported by the country’s …Financial Times15 hours ago

China app giant Meituan tumbles after CEO’s poetic swipe at officials

Shares of Chinese online giant Meituan plummeted for a second straight day Tuesday amid a run of bad headlines that included the CEO posting an …CNA14 hours ago

China reports slowing population growth – PM

China’s government has revealed the world’s most populous country is growing even slower now than it did during the One Child Policy. Despite hitting a record …ABC News18 hours ago

China’s population grows to 1.41 billion between 2010 and 2020, slowest rate since introduction of one-child policy in 1980s

China Population Growth Falls to Lowest Rate in Decades

China says its population grew to 1.41 billion in the decade ending in 2020, its lowest rate of growth since imposing a strict one child per family policy in the 1980s. The National Bureau of Statistics announced Tuesday that China added 72 million people between 2010 and 2020, an increase of 5.38%, with annual growth averaging 0.53%, a decline of 0.04% rate from the previous decade. The world’s most populous nation is facing a worrying trend of declining working-age citizens coupled with a rising number of aging retirees, a trend brought on by the government’s mandatory birth limits as a m…VOA Asia19 hours ago

China Threatens Retaliation Against Ericsson if Sweden Doesn’t Drop Huawei 5G Ban

Beijing is giving Sweden one last chance to reverse its ban on telecommunications-equipment giant Huawei before it could retaliate against rival Ericsson.The Wall Street Journal11 hours ago


How China is using social media to polish its image globally

China is known for guiding public opinion at home, but how does the country shape public discourse globally? A seven-month investigation reveals how …The Christian Science Monitor9 hours ago

Three realities for the West to understand about China

China’s increasing economic strength will bring commensurate military power, and it will not be eager to change what has worked so well. The US and China …video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post8 hours agoOpinion

China’s Long March rocket makes splash, but good news burns up in atmosphere

Casualties avoided as debris drops into the Indian Ocean, but China is criticised for failing to plan a ‘targeted re-entry’ to determine where it would land.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post4 hours ago

Foreign businesses in China have long complained about it favouring domestic players over foreign companies

US, China need to dial back ‘unhelpful rhetoric’: Industry body

When ties worsen between the governments, American firms doing business in China suffer, says AmCham.Al Jazeera English10 hours ago

Fears grow of China dispute spilling over into Australian LNG

Fears are mounting that souring relations between Australia and China are set to spill over into liquefied natural gas (LNG), threatening Australia’s $13 billion …The Australian Financial Review18 hours ago

U.S. business lobby calls on China to play fair, warns of consumer boycott danger

BEIJING (Reuters) -China should implement its commitments to equal treatment for foreign business and abandon “implicit” guidance to replace foreign products …Yahoo Finance Australia20 hours ago

Rescuers searching for leopards that escaped from a wild park in Hangzhou, in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

Chickens released as bait in hunt for escaped leopard in China

Residents of Hangzhou warned to stay indoors as search continues for leopard escaped from safari park.The Guardian17 hours ago

China’s Population Growth Slows With Fewer Babies Born | Time

(BEIJING) — The number of working-age people in China fell over the past decade as its aging population barely grew, a census showed Tuesday, adding to …TIME15 hours ago

Budget 2021: China leads a global economic boom stoked by $20trn stimulus

Treasury is counting on a dramatic surge in growth across Australia’s most important trading partners, led by China, which has weathered the crisis better than …The Australian Financial Review16 hours ago

US ‘made wrong move in response’ to China’s tech challenge

In the long run, the US cannot outspend China on the military, Chas Freeman says.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

Honduran president, in diplomatic shift, says he may open China office

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said on Tuesday the Central American nation, a long-standing diplomatic ally of Taiwan, could open a trade office …Reuters58 minutes ago

China deserves a voice, must speak up against US discourse hegemony: FM

China deserves to have a voice on the global stage, and it must speak up against the US discourse hegemony that often serves to throw dirt on China, …Global Times12 hours ago

Two tales of a city: How middle-class Shanghai reveals China’s unsettled future

The dynamism and diversity of middle-class Shanghai does not support fear that China’s development, illustrated by the explosive growth of its middle class, …Brookings Institution9 hours ago

Japan’s Muji Appeals to China by Advertising Use of Xinjiang Cotton

TOKYO—While Swedish clothing retailer H&M has been virtually wiped off e-commerce sites in China, rival Muji is winning applause there. The Japanese chain …The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

Indian middlemen’s price-gouging of China-made oxygen concentrators is blasted

Chinese oxygen concentrator suppliers are upset and saddened by price-gouging of anti-virus devices such as theirs in the Indian market, calling the move is a …Global Times14 hours ago

Export Tax Rebates in China: Recent Changes and Risk Management

We discuss company best practices for utilizing China’s export tax rebates and assess the risks associated with the frequent compliance and rule changes.China Briefing16 hours ago

A healthcare workerr prepares a dose of the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine at the Cayetano Canizares Coliseum in Bogota, Colombia, on Friday, March 12, 2021. Colombia is lagging behind its South American neighbors with only 0.3% of the population vaccinated, even as the country sees the second-highest number of infections on the continent. Photographer: Ivan Valencia/Bloomberg

China’s Sinovac Shot Found Highly Effective in Real World Study

Sinovac Biotech Ltd.’s vaccine is wiping out Covid-19 among health workers in Indonesia, an encouraging sign for the dozens of developing countries reliant on …Bloomberg1 hour ago

China to have a bumper harvest of wheat in 2021

With sufficient inventory, adequate reserves and abundant supply, China’s wheat reserves can meet consumer demand for more than one year, an analyst with …Global Times15 hours ago

It Might Be Harder Than China Thinks to Control Commodity Surge

A scorching rally in industrial commodities has spurred China to try and temper prices, though the impact may prove fleeting as the global boom in demand for …Bloomberg16 hours ago

Chinese state media threatens Australia with missile strikes

China News: BEIJING: Chinese state-media has threatened Australia with retaliatory ballistic missile strikes if Canberra gets involved in a potential military con.Times of India11 hours ago

Thousands back Chinese mother’s demand for answers over son’s death at school

Police say family had no objection to verdict that the boy fell to his death, but initial claim he ‘took his own life due to personal problems’ sparked uproar.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

Bangladesh’s Curt Reply As China Warns It Against Joining Quad Alliance

China has warned Bangladesh against joining the US-led Quad alliance, saying that Dhaka’s participation in the anti-Beijing “club” would result in “substantial …NDTV16 hours ago

‘Made in China, sold on Amazon’ gadgets vanish from site

Product listings from major China-based electronics vendors have disappeared from Amazon, which has become an increasingly popular beachhead for …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Report: China’s 2019 greenhouse gas emissions exceeded all other industrialized nations combined

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, China is number one, and it’s not even close.Yahoo News Australia6 hours ago

China Is Trying to Build an Atlantic Naval Base

The People’s Liberation Army Navy could soon be operating in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the U.S. Army general in charge of Africa Command.Popular Mechanics7 hours ago

An aerial view of archaeologists working at the Sanxingdui site on March 24 in Deyang, China.

It’s a golden age for Chinese archaeology — and the West is ignoring it

Early in April, news broke that a 3,000-year-old “lost golden city” had been discovered in Luxor, Egypt. Described in some articles as the most important find …The Washington Post15 hours ago

LatAm leans to China as US’ ‘backyard’ seeks Chinese mainland vaccines

Honduras, one of the last 15 countries and regions that keep.Global Times11 hours ago

US-China tensions worsen treatment of foreign firms in China, AmCham says

A more than 500-page white paper by AmCham China breaks down the current state of doing business in China, including issues said to be plaguing the foreign …South China Morning Post14 hours ago

Government supporters hold a banner of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (left) and Chinese President Xi Jinping at a demonstration outside parliament in Belgrade in May 2020.

China Deepens Its Balkans Ties Using Serbian Universities

BELGRADE — With a Chinese university project in Hungary drawing controversy over a lack of transparency and concerns about academic freedom, Beijing’s …Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty13 hours ago

Are Westpac’s Chinese walls too flimsy for a solid defence?

It is said you can see the Great Wall of China from space, such is its scale and solidity. But could you say anything similar about Westpac’s Chinese wall?The Australian Financial Review19 hours ago

The fallout from China’s rocket debris

NASA has accused China of failing to meet “responsible standards” in its space agency’s handling of a rocket booster that burned up over the Indian Ocean.The West Australian18 hours ago

Taiwan, China and the US: who’s really beating the drums of war?

As China continues to assert sovereignty claims over Taiwan in the lead-up to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1, …The Canberra Times11 hours ago

China administered total of 332.96 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of May 10

China carried out about 8.7 million vaccinations against COVID-19 on May 10, bringing the total number of doses administered to 332.96 million, according to …Reuters18 hours ago

China’s safety requirements pose challenges for food exporters

Processed, consumer-ready foods and beverages such as wine top the list of items that have not met the requirements of Chinese inspectors.Foodprocessing18 hours ago

China posts slowest population growth in decades

The growth of 5.4 percent was the slowest since the 1960s, due in part to falling birthrates and a sharp drop in the number of working-age people.The Weekly Times16 hours ago

China’s steady erosion of media freedom rose from Sichuan’s ruins

Journalists and activists hoped the 2008 earthquake would open a crack in censorship.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

2 million posts deleted for ‘historical nihilism’ as party centenary nears

The posts ‘polluted’ the internet with ‘harmful’ discussion of history, cyber authority says amid crackdown on those who challenge the official narrative.South China Morning Post23 hours ago

China moves to regulate all synthetic cannabinoids

China will become the world’s first country to regulate all synthetic cannabinoid substances, in a bid to get ahead of new variations whose chemical properties …Reuters19 hours ago

Coronavirus released intentionally, China using misinformation to mislead world: Chinese virologist

In a paper published in September last year, Yan claimed that coronavirus was created by China in a research lab.Business Today15 hours ago

Chinese hotel chain Atour is seeking a $2 billion U.S. listing as tourism rebounds

Chinese hotel chain Atour is exploring an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S. which could value it at $2 billion, a person with knowledge of the matter told …CNBC17 hours ago

China professor calls for million-yuan reward to boost birth rates

A Chinese professor has urged the government to offer parents 1 million yuan ($156000) for each newborn child in a bid to shore up the country’s declining birth …Reuters36 minutes ago

Should China change its narrative on debt transparency?

Zhongxia Jin, executive director for China at the International Monetary Fund, staunchly defended China’s state-linked lending to lower-income countries during …OMFIF9 hours ago

In China’s ‘Red Holy Land,’ tourists mark Communist Party centenary

Tourists pose for photos on Chairman Mao Zedong’s bed as the Chinese Communist Party — much-criticized overseas — marks its centenary year at home with …The Japan Times21 hours ago

Business group warns China boycotts spooking investors

BEIJING (AP) — An American business group warned Tuesday that government-instigated consumer boycotts of foreign shoe, clothing and other brands in …The Seattle Times17 hours ago

Firefighting helicopter crash in China kills four

This article first appeared on Fire Aviation. Four were killed Monday May 10 after a helicopter crashed in Erhai Lake in Dali, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province …Wildfire Today7 hours ago

Sen. Ernst presses for answers on China, origin of COVID: ‘Crickets’ from Biden

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that the Biden administration is not taking significant action toward China, which is still suspected of …Fox News11 hours ago

China Reports Slowest Population Growth In Decades | Here & Now

It’s the slowest growth rate since China implemented its now-repealed one-child policy restrictions.Here And Now10 hours ago

Fruit trade boom between China and BRI countries, supporting local economy

Cambodia delivered its first batch of *fresh* mango exports directly to China on Friday, as the agricultural cooperation between the two countries has increased …Global Times14 hours ago

China’s targeting of EU lawmakers with retaliatory sanctions means ratification of trade deal unlikely

EU Suspends China Trade Deal as Tensions Grow Over Xinjiang, Hong Kong

European and Chinese leaders are urging swift ratification of the trade deal they agreed to in December, after tensions over accusations of human rights abuses in China delayed approval of the deal by European Union lawmakers. The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) took seven years of negotiations and was finally agreed to in principle December 30, 2020, following a virtual summit between EU and Chinese leaders. Europe said it was the most ambitious trade deal China had ever undertaken with a third party. However, EU Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis s…VOA Asia23 hours ago

‘Battle ready’: Australia’s warning to China in Federal Budget

It says these upgraded facilities will enable the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to conduct simulated training exercises and ensure its troops “battle ready” minutes ago

China adds few babies, loses workers as its 1.4B people age

BEIJING (AP) — The number of working-age people in China fell over the past decade as its aging population barely grew, a census showed Tuesday, …The Seattle Times18 hours ago

‘Based on lies’: China demands UN meeting on Uygurs be cancelled

China’s diplomatic mission to the UN says current situation in Xinjiang is ‘at its best in history with stability … and harmonious coexistence’.video_youtubeSouth China Morning Post20 hours ago

China’s ‘Uber for trucks’ could file for $30 billion U.S. IPO as early as this week

The Full Truck Alliance, known as Manbang, could file publicly for an initial public offering (IPO) in New York as early as this week, a person with knowledge of …CNBC17 hours ago

Chris Murphy Wants to Beat China by Being More Like China

China wants to be more like us. Sen. Chris Murphy wants to be more like China.National Review7 hours ago

China reports 16 new mainland COVID-19 cases vs 14 a day earlier

Mainland China reported 16 new COVID-19 cases on May 11, up from 14 cases a day earlier, the country’s national health authority said on Wednesday.Yahoo Finance1 hour ago

Reaction from Chinese residents to the once-in-a-decade census

The following are comments from Shanghai residents following the release in China of a once-in-a-decade census that showed the population grew at its …Reuters15 hours ago

China has a larger carbon footprint than the developed world

Climate change is a global threat and so only global solutions will help mitigate its worst effects. Yet some countries will have far more of a role than others, …Sustainability Times20 hours ago

Why China has more to gain from fighting climate change than others

If the trajectory of emissions growth continues, China could see its credit rating drop six notches and billions more in debt *service*. China has much to gain from …South China Morning Post19 hours agoOpinion

China Continues to Tighten IPO Rules

Beijing has issued draft rules to standardize and increase transparency for entities that guide companies on IPOs in China.Barron’s16 hours ago

Nepal records highest single-day deaths due to Covid; China sends aid

Nepal’s devastating COVID-19 outbreak showed no signs of abating on Tuesday as the country recorded its highest single-day coronavirus related deaths with …Business Standard9 hours ago

Debt Managers Spring Back Into China With U.S. Rates Stalling

(Bloomberg) — Chinese debt is back in favor with overseas investors.After the nation’s government bonds suffered their first outflow in two years in March, …Yahoo Finance13 hours ago

‘The Cold War has spread to space’ with the construction of China’s space station

China is spending billions on its space program to become a “major space power” in the next few decades at President Xi Jinping’s insistence, according to Asia …Sky News Australia19 hours ago

China is experiencing a rural tourism boom amid the Covid-19 pandemic

China is in the middle of a boom in rural tourism as city dwellers escape the country’s rapidly expanding urban centers to head out to small communities, farms …CNN 22 hours ago

‘China gets manufacturing jobs while we get unemployment’: Latham

Government revenue is limited if Australia continues to rely on an energy sector that depends heavily on energy infrastructure “made in China”, according to …Sky News Australia13 hours ago

China is a paper dragon

A terrific note from The Atlantic’s David Frum sums it all up: China was mentioned only four times in Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress, but it …MacroBusiness22 hours ago

Colonisation by debt: Where China begins as an economic partner of a country, and ends up its economic master

American statesman John Adams famously said, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country: One is by the sword; the other is by debt.” China …ampThe Times of India Blog23 hours ago

China flocks to Dogecoin-like Shiba, e-CNY for kindness: Blockheads

Dogecoin-inspired Shiba has caught the attention of Chinese investors. Alipay will test the e-CNY on the platform, Qingdao will trial rewarding kindness with the …ampTechNode18 hours ago

Infographic: ASF resurgence in China not seen impacting its soybean demand

China the world’s largest soybean importer lost over half of its pig population between 2018 and 2019 to the African swine fever epidemic, which also led to a …S&P Global15 hours ago

Tesla’s sales in China drop sharply after complaints over quality

Sales fell 27 per cent in April after a protest at the Shanghai Auto Show by the owner of a Model 3 that had crashed sparked a social media storm over quality …South China Morning Post13 hours ago

China is top spender on foreign influence operations in US: report

China has increased the amount it spent on foreign lobbying by roughly 540 percent between 2016 and 2020 — making the Chinese Communist Party the top …New York Post 8 hours ago

China is walking a tightrope in Myanmar

Instability and anti-Chinese sentiment are endangering Beijing’s plans in the country, but rivalry with the West and its own domestic problems may prevent it from …Frontier Myanmar14 hours ago

Ireland-China relations: Where are we now and where is it going?

The next part of The Good Information Project from The Journal will look at Ireland’s relationship with China.TheJournal.ie5 hours ago


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