China in the News: May 16, 2021

China News
China News

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

How can Australia achieve economic growth when the Treasurer can’t name China in his budget speech?

Whether we name it or don’t, China looms over the world and is dragging other emerging economic giants with it. For the West, there is no back to the future, …ABC News6 hours ago

China’s Mars landing makes it the third country to land a rover on the Red Planet

China’s arrival as a space power may seem recent, but it has been quietly ticking off goals and making capability improvements since the mid-1960s, writes Bill …ABC News5 hours ago

Back-to-back tornadoes kill 12 in China and injure over 300

Eight people died in the inland city of Wuhan on Friday night and four others in the town of Shengze, about…9News9 hours ago

How missing CCTV footage turned a Chinese family’s tragedy into a national conspiracy

A mother’s search for the truth about her son’s death exposes the level of public distrust in China’s authorities.The Guardian7 hours ago

The Latest Target In China’s Crackdown On Entrepreneurs Is An Outspoken Billionaire

BAODING, HEBEI, CHINA — Billionaire Sun Dawu built an agriculture empire just outside Beijing. To accommodate approximately 9,000 employees and their …NPR13 hours ago

China cancels Everest spring climbing over coronavirus worries

China has decided to cancel the 2021 spring climbing season from the Tibetan side of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, because of coronavirus concerns, …Reuters11 hours ago

China turns the screws on Australia as relations sink to a new low

China is Australia’s dominant trading partner and Xi was spot-on in identifying the mutual benefit to both countries. But in recent years, China has increasingly …The Sunday Guardian7 hours ago

China to Keep Up Momentum With Broadening Recovery: Eco Week

China’s robust economic momentum looks likely to have carried into the second quarter as its factory-led recovery broadened to the consumer — while further …Bloomberg2 hours ago

Japan, US, France hold military drill eyeing China presence

Dozens of Japanese, American and French troops have continued to hold their first-ever joint drills on Japanese soil.ABC News11 hours ago

China lands on Mars in major advance for its space ambitions

China has landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time in the latest step forward for its ambitious space program.ABC News19 hours ago

Commentary: China has yet to reap the benefits of remote working

Compared to their New York counterparts, Shanghai residents pay as much for housing, but work far longer for much less pay. Telecommuting could …CNA3 hours agoOpinion

Will the US’ new ‘floating naval base’ heighten tensions with China?

USS Miguel Keith will allow America to set up a sea base almost anywhere in the world, security expert says.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

China wants disruptive chip tech to prepare for Moore’s Law demise

China is determined to push forward innovative technologies to advance its domestic chip-making capability, as Moore’s Law – the decades-old notion that the …South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Army of fake fans boosts China’s messaging on Twitter

China’s ruling Communist Party has opened a new front in its long, ambitious war to shape global public opinion: Western social media.The Denver Post13 hours ago

China’s ‘Big Three’ see staggering domestic traffic growth in April

China’s three largest carriers — Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines — continued their impressive domestic traffic growth in April, …Flightglobal9 hours ago

Indian media’s smear of China-made oxygen concentrators is shameless

India Today on Friday slammed China for a surge in prices while sending sub-standard oxygen concentrators to India in an “exclusive” report. The report not …Global Times20 hours ago

China’s aircraft carriers: can PLA strike a balance to compete with US?

As the People’s Liberation Army Navy expands its fleet, maintaining the right numbers of ships is a vital consideration strategically and to control cost.South China Morning Post20 hours ago

China’s Global EV Expansion Has Tremendous Consequences For Metals

China’s EV makers are not only set to grow big in their domestic market, but also have great plans to expand in Western Markets and commodity demand in …OilPrice.com6 hours ago

Feature: An Australian scholar’s happy memories of China – Xinhua |

By Xinhua writers Bai Xu and Yue Dongxing. CANBERRA, May 15 (Xinhua) — Trips, noodles and his own band with a group of Chinese friends… Australian …Xinhua22 hours ago

China Focus: COVID-19 control cranked up after sporadic cases reported – Xinhua |

BEIJING/SHENYANG, May 15 (Xinhua) — The more than 100,000 people who were given nucleic acid tests in Feixi County in east China’s Anhui Province on …Xinhua10 hours ago

G7 scolding of China, Russia sparks Taiwan and Ukraine comparisons

Some insist that today’s Ukraine is tomorrow’s Taiwan, likening the former’s cultural affinity with – and economic dependence upon – Russia to the self-ruled …South China Morning Post23 hours ago

China’s Civil War Over Technology Heats Up: The New Economy Saturday

Silk and bamboo burn, and the emperor’s achievements are nothing.”Bloomberg14 hours ago

Cultural differences ‘overrated’ as obstacle to US-China relations: Yum China CEO

Yum China CEO Joey Wat downplayed the role that cultural stigma on either side plays in scuttling positive relations between the U.S. and China.Yahoo Finance13 hours ago

Tiangong: China May Gain a Monopoly on Space Stations

China launched Tianhe-1, the first and main module of a permanent orbiting space station called Tiangong (Heavenly Palace 天 宫), on April 29. Two additional …SciTechDaily5 hours ago

Man living on 25 cents a day who staged crime to get jail food has new life

China’s anti-poverty drive has transformed the lives of millions, as shown by the story of an elderly man living on 25 US cents a day who got himself sent to …South China Morning Post22 hours ago

New Allegations Made of Forced Labor at Chinese Solar Manufacturers

Voice of America12 hours ago

China’s Yutu 2 rover about to ‘wake up’ on the far side of the moon

China’s plucky Yutu 2 rover is about to wake up and continue to explore the far side of the moon as the nation works to land a rover on Mars this May.Livescience.com10 hours ago

How US$400 could get a bogus paper placed in a Chinese academic journal

Writers advertising on e-commerce platforms say they can arrange for articles to be published in journals indexed on China’s largest research database.South China Morning Post15 hours ago

India needs to restore deterrence to stop China from attempting to nibble at LAC: Shivshankar Menon

In an online discussion, he said making noises or building some international coalition in response to what China has been doing will be ineffective and India …Economic Times8 hours ago

China’s number of new investors grew in April at slowest in 13 months

The number of China’s new investors grew in April at its slowest pace in 13 months, hit by a lack of upside momentum for the stock market and …CNA22 hours ago

Will China be given a clean chit?

It is heartening to note that a group of leading scientists from the UK and US have called for more investigation to determine the origin of the Covid pandemic in …ampThe Times of India Blog16 hours ago

SCMP: Philippines won’t move an inch on South China Sea, Duterte tells Beijing

The South China Morning Post reports: – Philippine president has rebuffed a call from China to withdraw vessels from a contested maritime area near a Chinese …theloadstar.com10 hours ago

Xi extends congratulations on China’s first Mars landing – Xinhua |

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday extended congratulations on the successful landing of China’s first probe on Mars.Xinhua23 hours ago

China’s Zhurong rover makes history with Mars landing

China successfully launched the first module of its new space station last month with hopes of having it crewed by 2022 and eventually sending humans to the …Daily Telegraph22 hours ago

China Challenged to Build Balanced to Compete With US Navy

As the People’s Liberation Army Navy expands its fleet, maintaining the right numbers of ships is a vital consideration strategically and to control cost.Business Insider7 hours ago

Australia winning trade war with China despite Chinese restrictions

Perth [Australia], May 15 (ANI): Though China has imposed punitive trade restrictions on Australian coal, barley, meat and wine, it is spending more than ever on …ANI News9 hours ago

‘Nihao Mars’: China’s Zhurong rover touches down on Red Planet

Chinas probe to Mars touched down on the Red Planet early Saturday to deploy its Zhurong rover, state media reported, a triumph for Beijings increasingly bold …The Australian20 hours ago

Startup helps ethnic Chinese connect with ancestors

JAKARTA — For most of his life Raymond Douglas Chong knew nothing about his Chinese family tree going back more than 150 generations and 4000 years.Nikkei Asia22 hours ago

Chinese campaigner’s dedication to Dianchi Lake finally pays off

Zhang Zhengxiang lived alone on a mountain overlooking the lake for seven years until he was 14 and regards the area as his spiritual home.South China Morning Post19 hours ago

Why China fears a hasty US retreat from Afghanistan

Ten months after the first meeting of the foreign ministers of China and the five Central Asian states, Beijing followed through with a second session on.Asia Times21 hours ago

WW3 warning: China to draw in ‘EVERYBODY’ with ‘dangerous and nasty spat’ with Australia

CHINA could spark a major conflict if continuous to behave dangerously in ‘nasty spats’ according to an expert.Daily Express19 hours ago

Poll: Would you like to see closer economic ties between China and Ireland?

This month, The Journal’s Good Information Project is discussing China and how Ireland relates to one of the biggest economies in the world. SINCE THE …thejournal.ie17 hours ago

Checkmate for China on the global chessboard

In A Grand Strategy: Countering China, Taming Technology and Restoring the Media (Brick Tower Press, 267 pages), William J Holstein weaves together three.Asia Times23 hours ago

Rise of upscale retirement communities in China

Share. QR. Copied. The latest data shows an increase in the share of the population aged above 65 years old in China, from 8.9 percent in 2010 to 13.5 percent …CGTN16 hours ago

Hong Kong Jockey Club to invest HK$4 billion in China after signing landmark agreement

Chief executive Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges confirms the club is aiming to hold four race meetings a season from 2025 while building a new grandstand at …South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Record 9 million fresh grads in China could face job crunch in 2021

Education News: BEIJING: A record-high 9 million students are set to graduate from Chinese universities in the year 2021, and to ensure stable employment to …Times of India11 hours ago

Pakistan, China discuss Palestine situation

KARACHI, Pakistan. The top diplomats of Pakistan and China spoke over the phone on Saturday to discuss the latest situation in Palestine amid ongoing Israeli …Anadolu Agency | English7 hours ago

No role for China in choosing next Dalai Lama: Penpa Tsering

Tsering’s remarks came against the backdrop of China’s insistence that the choice of the next Dalai Lama has to be decided within Chinese territory and that …Hindustan Times12 hours ago

UPDATE 3- China completes historic Mars spacecraft landing

An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua reported, making China the second …Yahoo22 hours ago

Back-to-back tornadoes kill 12 in China; over 300 injured

BEIJING (AP) — Back-to-back tornadoes have killed 12 people in central and eastern China and left more than 300 others injured. State media said that eight …wpta21.com20 hours ago

Sierra Leone approves China Kingho railway, port lease agreement – Xinhua |

FREETOWN, May 15 (Xinhua) — The Parliament of Sierra Leone has ratified the China Kingho Company’s Rail and Port Lease Agreement, the company told …Xinhua13 hours ago

China detains 95, punishes 2500 firms in latest environment probe

More than 1700 officials of the ruling Communist Party had also been summoned.. Read more at Straits Times21 hours ago

China is relaxing its rules on household registrations

This is the fourth in a series of stories about China’s once-a-decade census conducted in 2020. The world’s most populous nation released its national …The Star Online22 hours ago

China approves one more inactivated COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use – Xinhua |

GUANGZHOU, May 15 (Xinhua) — China has approved one more inactivated COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, according to a recent announcement.Xinhua19 hours ago

‘Chinese bioweapon’: News channels revive Covid conspiracy theories to protect Modi

Last year’s “Covid is a Chinese bioweapon created in a Wuhan lab” conspiracy is just refusing to go away. It’s not surprising though, because in India, our …Newslaundry19 hours ago

China’s Zhurong Rover Lands on Mars

China’s Zhurong rover successfully landed on Mars early Saturday, according to Chinese state media, marking a milestone in the country’s ambitious space …Herald Sun19 hours ago

China’s 2021 box office revenue hits $3.5 billion

Share. QR. Copied. China’s box office revenue in 2021 has exceeded 23.09 billion yuan ($3.59 billion) as of Saturday, higher than the total ticket sales for the …CGTN21 hours ago

Rewind China’s journey to the Red Planet

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 02:43. The landing on Mars marks a historic achievement for China. This video …CGTN19 hours ago

China makes history with successful Mars landing

A Chinese lander carrying a rover successfully touched down on Mars for the first time, state media reports.Why it matters: This is the first time China has landed …Yahoo News22 hours ago

China’s Rover Mission Lands on Mars, Xinhua Reports

(Bloomberg) — A Chinese spacecraft has landed on Mars, the official Xinhua news agency reported. The lander from the Tianwen-1 was carrying the Zhurong …BloombergQuint20 hours ago

US v. China | Features | Northern Express

The International Affairs Forum will welcome Lingling Wei, senior China correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, May 20. The 5pm Zoom presen…northernexpress.com11 hours ago

A review of China’s Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission

By: Global Times | Published: May 15, 2021 12:04 PM. Nearly 300 days after launch, China’s #Tianwen-1 probe successfully landed on the #Mars, which marks …Global Times21 hours ago

Brazil halts Sinovac vaccine production as China is not sending ingredients

Sao Paulo [Brazil], May 15 (ANI): Brazil has stopped production of Sinovac vaccine as China is reportedly not sending ingredients due to “diplomatic ill-will” over …Yahoo India News8 hours ago

Tornadoes kill at least seven in China

Two tornadoes have killed at least seven people in central and eastern China and left more than 200 others injured, officials and state media reported. The Wu…Newcastle Herald22 hours ago

EU in major power struggling with China – Brussels risks ‘losing the Western Balkans’

THE EU risks ‘losing the Western Balkans’ to China, one German diplomat has warned, over fears some nations are becoming increasingly economically …Daily Express18 hours ago

India -China faceoff: Satellite images reveal PLA’s positions near LAC

Satellite images provide glimpses of the Chinese buildup near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Gogra. Watch India Today’s report to find out more.India Today19 hours ago

Shanghai middle class is shattering ‘China threat’ theory: expert

Share. QR. Copied. Nanjing Road, Shanghai, May 11, 2021. /CFP. Nanjing Road, Shanghai, May 11, 2021. /CFP. The dynamism and diversity of middle-class …CGTN17 hours ago

Chinese philanthropists provide winter relief for children in Botswana

The Chinese Charity Care Center (CCCC), together with Chinese Embassy in Gaborone, has donated goods valued at 60,000 pula (about 5,575 U.S. dollars) to …cgtn.com8 hours ago

Restaurant inspections: Blarney Stone, New China Chen have violations; 40 acceptable

See a list of weekly food *service* inspections done by the Onondaga County Health Department.syracuse.com11 hours ago

France’s Le Pen Speaks ‘India’s Language’, Calls China, Islamic Terror Biggest Security Threats

French far-right politician Marine Le Pen believes that global Islamic terrorism is the biggest threat to the world. She also said that it is not Russia, but the threat …EurAsian Times22 hours ago

Ex-Ohio State professor sentenced for sharing work with China

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A medical researcher and professor who pleaded guilty to what prosecutors called a sophisticated scheme to transfer U.S.-backed …WKBN.com21 hours ago

China confirms probe lands on Mars, Zhurong rover to begin exploration

Share. QR. Copied. Error loading media: File could not be played. 00:00. 00:00. 05:44. China confirmed the Tianwen-1 probe landed on Mars, Zhurong rover to …CGTN12 hours ago

Beer goes green? Taxpayer dollars and China fuel switch to solar power

Government tax credits drive surge in solar-powered breweries.Fox Business15 hours ago

National flag carrier to bring oxygen cylinders from China, Oman

The national flag-carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is bringing oxygen cylinders from China and Oman –The Himalayan Times10 hours ago

US Secretary of State says China ‘criminalises religious expression’ as report on religious freedom is released

The US State Department released its annual report on the state of religious freedom around the world on Wednesday, slamming Beijing for suppressing …The Star Online20 hours ago

Guam Men’s National Soccer Team to play in China this month

Twenty-four players have been called up to the Matao, Guam Men’s National Team, for a training camp ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian …The Guam Daily Post11 hours ago

US denies Chinese student a visa because father is a police officer

A Chinese student planning to study in the US has been denied a visa, with the embassy saying it was because the applicant’s father works for the police, …The Star Online21 hours ago

‘Fan Run Run’: teacher in China who left students behind during 2008 Sichuan earthquake in new controversy

During the 2008 Sichuan earthquake teacher Fan Meizhong left his students in the classroom as he sought safetyAfter the incident he was dubbed Fan Run Run …The Star Online20 hours ago

Chinese spacecraft to land on Mars on May 15-19 – National Space Administration

An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft is set to land on Utopia Planitia on Mars between May 15 and May 19 Beijing time, the China National Space Administration …Reuters23 hours ago

China has landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time, delivering a water-hunting rover to the red planet

The Zhurong rover is almost ready to start scanning Mars’ volcanic-rock fields for hidden water ice. Such reserves could help future Mars astronauts.Yahoo23 hours ago

Forced labour by Uighur Muslims ‘taints global supply of solar panels’

A huge chunk of the world’s solar panels production depends on forced labour from China’ Uighur Muslims, according to new research. An investigation by … hours ago

Chinese authorities restrict religious practices of Tibetans in Lhasa during holy month

The reason for the order is premised on the risk of spreading coronavirus. But, the Lobby and activist group International Campaign for Tibet, believes that the …Hindustan Times15 hours ago

Pat Nevin memoir: from sipping raspberry tea out of china cups with Morrissey to not signing for Celtic

It says everything about Pat Nevin that, as detailed in his new memoir, top of his list of chief regrets is a somewhat left-field entry linked not to football, but to …The Scotsman21 hours agoOpinion

Laos: Covid-19 taskforce advises caution, announces 65 new cases as China’s Yunnan donates anti-epidemic supplies

The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has advised people to continue to observe measures put in place by the Ministry of Health to stop …The Star Online15 hours ago

TV Newsance Ep 131: How to save Modi by blaming China & state governments

This week, we look at how the usual suspects from the TV news world are trying their best to shield the dear leader PM Narendra Modi from criticism on the …Newslaundry19 hours ago

New Satellite Imagery Shows Chinese Troops, Equipment Present In Depth Areas Near Pangong Lake After Disengagement

A large number of Chinese troops, equipment remain present in depth areas along the LAC following disengagement at Pangong Tso. Although China has …Swarajya20 hours ago

Inflation re-cycling: Chinese exporters pass higher costs on to customers around the world

Investors are increasingly worried pandemic-driven stimulus measures could super-charge global inflation and force central banks to tighten policy, po..ETAuto.com22 hours ago

Yu Yangyi repeats as Chinese champion

Despite losing his last-round encounter against women’s world champion Ju Wenjun, Yu Yangyi won the open section of the Chinese Championship for a …Chessbase News13 hours ago

China successfully lands rover on Mars, state media says

Despite Israeli officials and Hamas signaling openness to a cease-fire on Friday, violence continued early Saturday when an Israeli air raid in Gaza City killed at …The Week Magazine12 hours ago

Covid a Chinese biological weapon: US, UK scientists demand fresh probe to unveil mysteries

The novel coronavirus that apparently originated in China has already claimed the lives of more than 3.24 million people worldwide.IBTimes India9 hours ago

Amid Chinese expansionism, Kazakhstan passes law prohibiting sale, leasing of farm land

Almaty [Kazakhstan], May 15 (ANI): Kazakhstan on Thursday passed a law that prohibits the sale and leasing of agricultural land to foreigners and foreign …ANI News7 hours ago

Government allows 190 Chinese traders to enter Vietnam to buy lychees

The government has given permission for 190 Chinese traders to enter Vietnam to buy lychees in the northern province of Bac Giang. – VnExpress International.VnExpress International18 hours ago

Canadian police search for persons who spat on, painted graffiti on Chinese consulate

Vancouver [Canada], May 16 (ANI): Vancouver police in Canada are searching for persons who spat on and painted graffiti on the Chinese consulate in …ANI News6 hours ago

Chinese spacecraft successfully lands on surface of Mars

An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua reported, making China the second …Malaysiakini23 hours ago

Top 5 Best Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – May 2021

Are you looking for a new daily driver that won’t make you go broke? Well, here we’re going to list the top 5 best Chinese smartphones.Gizchina.com17 hours ago

News Alert: Oromo Liberation Army says it detained three Chinese nationals “involved in mining operations” in west Wellega

Addis Abeba, May 15/2021 – The Oromo Liberation Army, OLA, said in a statement that its forces have “detained three Chinese nationals involved in mining …addisstandard.com5 hours ago

Vancouver police search for men who spat on, spray-painted Chinese consulate

Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, are investigating two acts of mischief against the city’s Chinese consulate general: one in which a man spat on the …ABS-CBN News19 hours ago

US rights body reiterates calls on Chinese govt for release of Buddhism’s 11th Panchen Lama

Washington DC [US], May 15 (ANI): US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Friday (local time) reiterated the call on the Chinese …ANI News19 hours ago

Mark Buchanan – Climate Crisis Can’t Be Solved Without Africa

The Biden administration’s plan to pursue a 50% reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is hugely encouraging. It’s already spurred other nations, …Asharq Al-awsat – English21 hours ago

Minister of National Security in talks with Chinese ambassador on new initiatives

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds met with Chinese Ambassador Fang Qiu on Friday to discuss continued partnership regarding on matters relating to …TT Newsday8 hours ago


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