Cadence Column: Asia, May 17, 2021


Asia produced two shining lamps on two hills this week. One is Ming Yang, CFO of the Daqo solar manufacturer in Xinjiang. The other is Taiwan.

Yang, who has a Taiwanese heritage, leads a company in China that is completely controlled by foreign investment. He insists that the company does not employ any Uighurs, thus arguing that using Uighurs as forced labor wouldn’t be possible. He also insists on full transparency with outside groups that would seek to confirm the situation in his company—he wants the truth to convince them through transparency. He also insists that he is not aware of Uighur abuse in Xinjiang, but that if it were true, it would be a very bad thing.

Taiwan shines its light of hope from the season of darkness it now enters. An outbreak of COVID in the greater Taipei area has put the entire island on near lockdown. Customers must list name, phone number, and time when entering many stores. Many avoid public places, wear masks among friends, and carry spray bottles of sanitizer. The calm solidarity in Taiwan is almost unnerving, but it is very encouraging. And, we need encouragement in these times.

Both shining lights cast a pleasant light upon the Taiwanese people. While many will be encouraged throughout the world, there will always be someone who finds a way to be jealous.


Shining lamp on a hill
A Xinjiang Solar Giant Breaks Ranks to Try and Woo the West // Bloomberg

Western powers clash with China over Xinjiang at UN virtual meet // Aljazeera

Xinjiang births plummeted after crackdown on Uyghurs, says report // Guardian

China’s ambitions in space: national pride or taking on the Americans? // Financial Times


Minister urges care as local cases grow // Taipei Times

Military Faceoff

Amphibious Exercise ARC 21 Underway with Australia, France, Japan, United States // Naval News

Italian carrier returns home after completing F-35 trials // UK Defense Journal

MV-22B Osprey aircraft land on HMS Queen Elizabeth // UK Defense Journal

USS Harry S. Truman Departs Norfolk Naval Shipyard // US Navy

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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