China in the News: May 19, 2021

China News
China News

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

Never been bigger: PM says Australia is weathering China trade fight

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia would prefer a better relationship with China but that Beijing’s trade sanctions are like the traditional Chinese lion …Sydney Morning Herald6 hours ago

Penny Wong accuses Scott Morrison of stoking China tensions for political gain

Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong accuses the federal government of endangering Australia’s relationship with China by using alarmist rhetoric for …ABC News12 hours ago

SEG Plaza in China evacuated after building starts shaking, spreading panic in downtown Shenzhen

One of China’s tallest skyscrapers was evacuated Tuesday after it began to shake, sending panicked shoppers scampering to safety in the southern city of …ABC News3 hours ago

Panic as 300-metre-high skyscraper wobbles in China

SEG Plaza in Shenzhen, one of country’s tallest buildings, evacuated after it inexplicably starts shaking.The Guardian5 hours ago

Philippines President issues gag order to his Cabinet over South China Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has barred his Cabinet from talking about the South China Sea in public, but said the gag order did not mean the country …ABC News14 hours ago

‘Tightening the noose’: Bitcoin falls on back of China’s crypto warning

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies slumped after the People’s Bank of China reiterated that the digital tokens cannot be used as a form of payment.Sydney Morning Herald5 hours ago

China Puts Australia on Notice With Push to Diversify Iron Ore

(Bloomberg) — Beijing threw the spotlight on trade tensions with its top commodities supplier, Australia, after the government’s economic planning agency said …Yahoo Finance17 hours ago

Argentina’s surprise beef export ban leaves huge void in China market

ARGENTINA, one of the largest beef exporters to China, has imposed a surprise 30-day ban on all beef exports out of the South American nation, in an effort to …Beef Central19 hours ago

There’s a way to ease tensions with China that would be a win for the Australian economy

Australia’s higher education and tourism *service* sectors, crucial to our economy’s diversification from resources, were dealt double whammys in the 2021 budget …Sydney Morning Herald5 hours agoOpinion

Titanic replica now under construction in China

For those who have always wondered what it would’ve been like to be a passenger on the Titanic, a theme park in China is set to offer the closest experience …9News2 hours ago

Hundreds flee as 70-storey building shakes in China’s south

A 70-storey skyscraper in China’s south has been evacuated after the building started shaking yesterday aft…9News3 hours ago

‘Garbage vaccines’: Calls for US to counter China’s ‘exploitation’

A US senator is calling for the Biden administration to go toe to toe with China and counteract its alleged attempts to use its pandemic prowess to strengthen …Yahoo News Australia19 hours ago

‘China’s caution’ seen as it sheds some US debt holdings on inflation fears

The United States’ aggressive policy easing measures have sparked concerns over the value of the US dollar and global inflation.South China Morning Post13 hours ago

China divorces drop 70% after controversial ‘cooling off’ law

Law requires couples to wait 30 days before formalising divorce – but some say it has made young people more likely to avoid marriage.The Guardian15 hours ago

China overhauls its public health bureaucracy

The Chinese government, roundly criticized at home and abroad for its initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, appears to have taken some lessons from …Science Magazine5 hours ago

Apple will keep all its Chinese customer data stored in China

Apple has apparently given in to the demands of Chinese authorities to keep the personal data of its Chinese customers within the country’s borders, according …Techradar11 hours ago

Why the China Mars rover’s landing site has geologists excited

Scientists flag ancient mud volcanoes, impact craters, subsurface ice and sand dunes as potential stopping-off points on Zhurong’s dream itinerary.Nature.com10 hours ago

U.S. says China is resisting nuclear arms talks

China is resisting bilateral talks with the United States on nuclear weapons, the U.S. disarmament ambassador told a U.N. conference on Tuesday, …Reuters11 hours ago

Poetic social media post costs founder of China’s Meituan super app $2bn

For Chinese tech entrepreneur Wang Xing, a late-night social media post of an ancient poem may have proved to be a $2.1bn mistake. Shares in Meituan …Financial Times19 hours ago

‘Silence is inexcusable’: Nancy Pelosi backs Beijing Olympics diplomatic boycott

Washington: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the United States’ most powerful politicians, has called on world leaders to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics …Sydney Morning Herald4 hours ago

Why Kyle Bass says China’s digital yuan is ‘largest threat to the West’ in past 30-40 years

Kyle Bass, chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management, says that the biggest threat to the West is the advent of the digital yuan, which he has…MarketWatch3 hours ago

Cloud becomes new front line between China and the west

In late 2020, Saudi Telecom, the Gulf state’s largest telecoms group, announced a partnership with China’s Alibaba Cloud to help the kingdom build its cloud …Financial Times22 hours ago

Senate Weighs Investing $120 Billion in Science to Counter China

The legislation has drawn bipartisan support amid the coronavirus pandemic as Democrats and Republicans have become increasingly concerned about …The New York Times45 minutes ago

Why can China confine flare-ups to dozens cases?

One and a half years after human beings identified the SARS-CoV-2, a majority of the world is still struggling with infected cases, and some countries and …Global Times9 hours ago

Chinese Communist Party’s international arm

It is no secret that Chinese President Xi Jinping harbours high international ambitions. What was not yet known, however, is the role the Chinese Communist …Mirage News15 hours ago

China cuts COVID-19 vaccine ingredient shipment to Brazil

China will reduce its shipment of pharmaceutical ingredients for producing COVID-19 vaccines to Brazil’s Butantan biomedical institute next week to 3000 liters …Reuters55 minutes ago

China to explore innovation in enhancing discourse power amid US hegemony

China has become more assertive in the international community with a discourse that has evolved, by including diverse tools, aside from the predominant …Global Times12 hours ago

After an Indonesian Submarine Sank, China Stepped In to Help Salvage It

China’s military is playing a key role in the recovery of an Indonesian naval submarine that sank last month, a challenging operation that analysts say could …The Wall Street Journal10 hours ago

Exclusive: China provides 2,000 oxygen cylinders to Nepal among other medical supplies, says Chinese ambassador

To help Nepal fight the latest surge of COVID-19 infections, China has so far shipped 2000 oxygen cylinders and 10 ventilators to Nepal, in addition to 200 …Global Times10 hours ago

U.S. companies are bearing the brunt of Trump’s China tariffs, says Moody’s

Most of the elevated tariffs imposed at the height of the U.S.-China trade war have remained in place and affect over half of all trade flows between the two …CNBC13 hours ago

No Ordinary Boats: Identifying China’s Maritime Militia

[ByRyan D. Martinson] A Chinese fishing vessel appears in a sensitive locationnear the Senkaku Is…The Maritime Executive3 hours ago

Chinese Academics Are Still Bullish on China-UK Relations

Chinese scholars and think tanks are holding to cautious optimism, despite the recent souring in relations.The Diplomat11 hours ago

China and the West see each very differently and that is the problem

Brian Wong is a Rhodes scholar from Hong Kong and founding editor-in-chief of the Oxford Political Review.If there is one thing that both Chinese and.Nikkei Asia17 hours agoOpinion

Tesla Working With China to Probe Crash Involving Policemen

Tesla Inc. has pledged to work with Chinese authorities to investigate a crash involving one of its electric cars in which a policeman died.Bloomberg16 hours ago

China navy fleets in live-fire drills across three theatre commands

Guided-missile destroyers and corvettes among ships taking part in fire-strike training and anti-missile defence and maritime assault drills.South China Morning Post16 hours ago

China’s Baidu beats quarterly revenue estimates on cloud, AI boost

China’s Baidu Inc reported quarterly revenue on Tuesday that beat Wall Street estimates, as the company beefed up its cloud and artificial intelligence services …Reuters7 hours ago

How far can US go to scout for military bases closer to China?

Any attempt by the US to incite and utilize China’s neighbors to stir up troubles for China will not easily be carried out as Washington wishes. China is constantly …Global Times12 hours ago

Biden just weakened his China policy and did Xi Jinping a big favor | TheHill

Until now, the Biden administration’s China policy has been characterized by relatively seamless continuity with the transformational approach of the Trump …The Hill11 hours agoOpinion

China gains diplomatically from Gaza conflict

Despite its professed non-interference policy, Beijing wants to be involved this time in Palestine as the escalating conflict exposes two-faced America …South China Morning Post10 hours agoOpinion

US delays trading ban on Chinese-military linked securities

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration on Tuesday (May 18) gave investors two extra weeks to buy or sell securities in certain companies it deems …CNA2 hours ago

How China’s military–civil fusion policy ties into its push for world-class universities | The Strategist

When the University College Cork in Ireland withdrew from a partnership with Minzu University of China (MUC) in 2021, speculation cited concerns linking MUC …The Strategist5 hours ago

China hopes Australia will heed rational voices – Xinhua |

BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) — China hopes the Australian government will face squarely the crux of the setbacks of China-Australia relations, take China’s …Xinhua11 hours ago

Isabel Hilton, the journalist engaging China on climate change

Journalist and founder of China Dialogue Isabel Hilton talks to Quartz about China’s role in the fight against climate change.Quartz21 hours ago

China extends South Pacific reach by funding runway project

SYDNEY — China will provide financial assistance to upgrade an airstrip in the South Pacific island nation of Kiribati, at a site once used during wartime by the …Nikkei Asia8 hours ago

China’s Haitong to Ramp Up Asia Deals as Competition Rises

A top arranger for Chinese junk dollar bonds is looking elsewhere for growth opportunities, as rising competition reduces fees and heightened regulatory …Bloomberg15 hours ago

China’s elderly left behind as digital generation gap widens

China’s elderly population continues to grow, but the digital natives shaping the future seem to have forgotten about them.South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Rana Mitter, the historian teaching China’s next generation

Rana Mitter is a British historian who teaches about the history and politics of modern China at the University of Oxford’s St. Cross College. He formerly directed …Quartz20 hours ago

Brazil senators say anti-China views hurt access to COVID-19 vaccines

Brazilian senators on Tuesday accused the country’s former foreign minister of undermining efforts to obtain COVID-19 vaccines after he used anti-China …Reuters5 hours ago

US fixation on China casts shadow over vaccine pledge: Beijing

China says it welcomes American decision to give away 80 million doses but there is cause for suspicion.South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Pro-China Lawmakers in Hong Kong Find a New National-Security Target: Art

Emboldened by last year’s national-security law, Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing politicians want art they say insults China kept out of a new museum in the city.The Wall Street Journal15 hours ago

Under U.S. pressure on graft, El Salvador praises China’s hands-off aid

The release on Tuesday of a U.S. government list labeling 17 Central American politicians as corrupt prompted El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele to praise …Reuters18 minutes ago

China Structured Finance Quarterly 1Q21

New Auto ABS Ratings Assigned: Fitch assigned ‘AAAsf’/Stable final ratings to senior notes of Silver Arrow China 2021-1 Retail Auto Loan Asset Backed Notes …Fitch Ratings19 hours ago

Xi, Putin to mark expansion of nuclear power project ahead of US talks

Leaders will watch a ceremony by video link on Wednesday, a day before high-level meeting between Washington and Moscow.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

China says Australia should stop interfering in trade and investment

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China’s state planner, said at a news conference on Tuesday that Australia should treat Chinese …Reuters22 hours ago

Chinese vice premier calls for efforts to implement Healthy China initiative – Xinhua |

BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan on Tuesday called for efforts to implement the Healthy China initiative and further improve …Xinhua12 hours ago

Tesla says it’s working with China to investigate a crash in which a policeman reportedly died

The accident reportedly involved a Tesla and two traffic policemen in the eastern Chinese city of Taizhou.Business Insider7 hours ago

China Proposes New Environmental And Social Disclosures For Listed Companies – Corporate/Commercial Law – China

On May 7, 2021, in connection with the implementation of China’s Securities Law, which came into effect on March 1, 2020, the China Securities Regulatory …Mondaq News Alerts15 hours ago

The challenge of keeping China from shrinking

China’s once-a-decade census showed an ultralow fertility rate, a shrinking labor force and a rapidly aging population, alerting policymakers of the urgent need …Nikkei Asia12 hours ago

Chinese netizens call for boycott of Netflix Thai-language drama ‘Girl from Nowhere’ after social media post ‘splits up China’

Chinese netizens’ attitude toward Netflix’s hit Thai-language drama Girl from Nowhere completely reversed after a post on the drama’s official Facebook account …Global Times16 hours ago

Hanfu costumes gaining tract in China

Chen Xiaofang, a 26-year-old *fresh* college graduate, has placed an order online for a piece of a long gown, embroidered with flowers and bead or Hanfu – an …Global Times17 hours ago

Canberra-Beijing rift dents Chinese investment in Australian property

Investment in Australian property from both state-owned and private enterprises in China fell 29 per cent in 2020, and is on the decline again this year after a …South China Morning Post15 hours ago

China Agriculture/Protein Watch – 1Q21

Grain Prices to Continue Rising: Grain prices in China continued to rise in 1Q21 as hog breeders continued expanding production volume. Protein and food …Fitch Ratings20 hours ago

We don’t have to negate China to boost the U.S.

In his May 16 Sunday Opinion essay, “We ignore China’s rise at our own peril,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) indulged in exaggerated and dangerous …The Washington Post4 hours agoOpinion

China’s Mars Landing Will Be a Greater Feat With the Release of More Data

The successful landing shows just how fast Beijing is becoming “a space power in all respects.” Now it’s time for more transparency to build credibility too.Bloomberg20 hours agoOpinion

China urges Australia to stop harming bilateral trade and investment cooperation

Share. QR. Copied. China’s top economic planner on Tuesday urged Australia to stop harming bilateral trade and investment cooperation and take actions for …CGTN13 hours ago

‘We see the dragon awake’: Cosgrove says potent Chinese military has US on its toes

But the former Defence chief and governor-general says Australia’s hardened rhetoric towards China will not lead to a war although the deteriorating …Brisbane Times18 hours ago

On its first try, China’s Zhurong rover hit a Mars milestone that took NASA decades

China’s Zhurong rover landed safely on Mars on May 15, making China only the third country to successfully land a rover on the red planet. More impressively …The Conversation AU5 hours ago

Shanghai bets on better educated workforce to ease ageing woes

Shanghai’s municipal authorities are counting on better education, an upgraded industrial mix as well as imported talent to sustain the competitiveness of …South China Morning Post12 hours ago

Unmasking China’s Maritime Militia

An RFA investigation has found that the ships of the state-owned fishing company in charge of Sansha City’s maritime militia fleet are engaged in more than just …Radio Free Asia11 hours ago

China Huarong’s Journey From Safe Bet to Bad News: A Timeline

(Bloomberg) — It was a turbulent April for China Huarong Asset Management Co.’s dollar-bond holders. At the end of March, its 4% perpetual dollar bond was …Yahoo Finance Australia48 minutes ago

China is ‘making nice with Tokyo’ to ensure Japan does not boycott winter Olympics

China’s offer of free vaccines to athletes attending the Tokyo Olympic Games and vocal support for the Games to continue is an attempt to ensure Japan does …Sky News Australia22 hours ago

International travel from China back to pre-Covid levels by 2023

China is ready for international travel – it has already opened its borders to 36 European and 13 Asian countries.Travel Daily21 hours ago

Increasing attractiveness to foreign investment demonstrates China’s well managed regulatory environment

While major economies around the world are still struggling with economic downturn amid COVID-19 resurgence, only China’s economy has bounced back after …Global Times19 hours ago

People flee in panic as 300-metre skyscraper wobbles in China – video

The nearly 300-metre (980ft) SEG Plaza in Shenzhen, southern China, inexplicably began to shake at about 1pm, prompting an evacuation of people inside …The Guardian5 hours ago

Australian farmers find new markets after China slaps on tariffs

For years, Australia’s farmers have pegged their prosperity on the growing Chinese market, but after the relationship soured, many have found other markets.ABC News23 hours ago

Do China and Vietnam Have Similar Alliance Policies?

Despite obvious areas of friction between China and Vietnam, their alliance policies are more similar than is often acknowledged.The Diplomat13 hours ago

Court: China-built Port City commission needs public assent

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sri Lanka’s top court has decided that some provisions of legislation to set up a powerful economic commission in a Chinese-built …Associated Press13 hours ago

Sex and the Chinese Economy by Shang-Jin Wei

As the Chinese government has started to worry about the country’s low population growth, it has progressively relaxed its family-planning policy. Policymakers …Project Syndicate12 hours ago

China Offers to Host Afghan Peace Talks

China has renewed diplomatic efforts to help facilitate a negotiated end to the conflict in Afghanistan, saying it is ready to hold peace negotiations between …VOA Asia12 hours ago

Tom Tugendhat, the politician warning of China’s “cage-rattling”

Tom Tugendhat is a member of Parliament and chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. In April 2020, Tugendhat and fellow MP Neil …Quartz21 hours ago

China’s corn imports may hit record high in 2021; US to benefit the most: analysts

China’s demand for imported corn is likely to continue to rise along with a rebound in hog production, even as domestic farmers are planting more corn spurred …Global Times10 hours ago

Military expert wants Australia to have its own Iron Dome missile defence system against China amid mounting tensions

Senior Liberal MP and former Australian Army major general Jim Molan says Australia needs a missile defence system similar to that used by Israel, in case of … hours ago

China urges US to clarify overseas biological militarization activities

China has again urged the US to offer a comprehensive clarification of its overseas biological militarization activities, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson …Global Times7 hours ago

Singapore Broker Up 552% In a Year Eyes China for More Gains

iFast Corp., an online brokerage that’s been Singapore’s best-performing stock over the past year, is betting on China and a retail-trading frenzy to help it grow …Bloomberg14 hours ago

China’s 5G development

Editor’s Note: China’s 5G rollout is leading the world. With an early deployment of the next generation superfast telecom technology, the country has rolled out …Global Times14 hours ago

China quietly continues effort to join trade pact created to exclude it

China is pushing ahead with behind-the-scenes talks to join a major trade deal that was originally aimed at excluding Beijing and cementing U.S. economic …The Japan Times19 hours ago

Bruce Shapiro, anti-Semitism and 19th century China

Bruce Shapiro with the latest from the US, author and historian Deborah Lipstadt on anti-Semitism and writer Edward Rutherfurd discusses his latest epic on …ABC News13 hours ago

34 participants attended third national coaching seminar in China – IFF Main Site

18/05/2021. 34 participants attended the third national basic level coaching seminar of the year organised in Shenzhen, China. The seminar was organised from …International Floorball Federation17 hours ago

How China’s New Love Affair With Perfume Is Changing the Market

China dominates almost every aspect of the consumer market: it is the world’s biggest apparel market; the biggest luxury market; the biggest source of growth for …The Business of Fashion14 hours ago

China’s iconic strategies to prevent the rebound of COVID-19 | RMHP

China’s many non-medical prevention strategies for COVID-19 are helping to protect the health of its populace. Widespread cooperation is recommended.Dove Medical Press23 hours ago

Beijing ‘very close’ to become 1st Chinese city with herd immunity: experts

More than 80 percent of Beijing residents over the age of 18 have received their first shot of COVID-19 vaccine, a move amid an accelerated national campaign …Global Times12 hours ago

China’s April diesel exports rise 5.7% on resurgent overseas demand

China’s diesel exports in April rose 5.7% from the same period last year because of resurgent overseas demand and refiners’ efforts to reduce bulging domestic …Reuters20 hours ago

The Case for Why China Is a Good Investing Destination

A China dedicated to expanding its consumer economy and offering fertile areas for investors, while preventing GameStop-like debacles from happening—those …Chief Investment Officer9 hours ago

China to ensure ferrous market stability, sees factory-gate price growth easing in H2

China’s state planner said on Tuesday it would take measures to stabilise steel and iron ore market, and that it expects growth in the country’s factory gate prices …Reuters20 hours ago

Beijing, Dhaka and the Quad: How China’s new diplomatic swagger is hitting India’s neighbours

The comments of the Chinese envoy in Dhaka last week warning Bangladesh against joining the Quad point to the new kind of challenges that the Subcontinent …The Indian Express21 hours agoOpinion

Universal Pictures cancels event for Fast & Furious 9 in China citing security risks

Universal Pictures said on Tuesday afternoon that it has decided to cancel an event for the release of the company’s film Fast & Furious 9 in China, citing security …Global Times15 hours ago

US, Russia and China seek edge as battle for Arctic heats up

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON/BEIJING — The top U.S. and Russian diplomats will meet for the Arctic Council this week amid growing alarm in Washington over …Nikkei Asia7 hours ago

‘Two Bombs and One Satellite’: China eyes space race from Moon to Mars and beyond

With a recovering economy, a strongman attitude, and a plan to dominate, China is eyeing a new frontier — space. The country that recently became the centre …India Today18 hours ago

Tencent Music says facing increased China scrutiny, is committed to laws

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME.N) confirmed on Tuesday it is facing heightened scrutiny from Chinese regulators, adding it was “actively …Reuters18 hours ago

Hong Kong Closes Trade Office in Taiwan Amid Spat Over Visas

Hong Kong has closed its trade office in Taipei, the latest tit-for-tat exchange between the cities as Beijing works to isolate the democratically ruled island.Bloomberg16 hours ago

China Stocks extend gain to third day

Read more about China Stocks extend gain to third day on Business-standard. At closing bell, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.32%, …Business Standard12 hours ago

China Expedites Refund of Uncredited VAT for More Advanced Manufacturing Taxpayers

China is allowing more taxpayers to be eligible for full value-added tax (VAT) credit refund in the advanced manufacturing industry. Since June 2019, China has …China Briefing15 hours ago


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