China in the News: May 21, 2021

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China News

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

China to step up domestic iron ore mining in fresh swipe at Australia

Beijing’s top economic planning agency has put Australia on notice, throwing the spotlight on trade tensions by announcing China’s intentions to diversify its … hours ago

Chinese investment in Australian property slumps amid tensions

Plummeting relations between Canberra and Beijing is turning off Chinese interest in the Australian propert…9News22 hours ago

China says US warship illegally entered its territory in South China Sea

China has branded the United States an “out-and-out security risk creator” in the South China Sea, after a US warship sailed through waters near disputed …ABC News16 hours ago

China has deep-sea purpose for claim over disputed sea

Beijing’s controversial claim of sovereignty over the South China Sea is partly driven by deposits of rare minerals beneath it which are essential for the …9News21 hours ago

China could have ordered Huawei to shut down Australia’s 5G

The federal government’s cyber spies advised Australia would have had to put 300 separate security measures on Huawei’s equipment to make it safe for the …Sydney Morning Herald5 hours ago

Sri Lanka: Covid increases China influence in India’s backyard

As India struggles to deal with the virus, China steps in to help its neighbours like Sri Lanka.BBC News1 hour ago

Dead puppies and kittens reveal the dark side of China’s mystery box craze

While delivery of live animals by mail is illegal in China, it is poorly policed, according to state-run me…9News18 hours ago

Samoa to scrap China-backed port project under new leader Fiame Naomi Mata’afa

Samoa’s expected new prime minister pledges to cancel a $128 million Chinese-backed port development, calling it excessive for the small Pacific island that is …ABC News13 hours ago

EU warns China: No business investment deal if sanctions remain

The European Parliament warned China on Thursday that it won’t ratify a long-awaited business investment deal as long as sanctions against European Union …Al Jazeera English1 hour ago

Beijing rejects accusations Chinese oxygen device suppliers are hiking prices for Indians

Beijing rejects accusations Chinese suppliers are price gouging Indian customers on desperately needed oxygen equipment.ABC News21 hours ago

China’s current COVID-19 vaccines can tackle Indian variants – China CDC experts

China’s current COVID-19 vaccines can tackle new coronavirus variants spreading in India and can provide protection “to a certain extent”, based on preliminary …Reuters16 hours ago

Lithuanian parliament latest to call China’s treatment of Uyghurs ‘genocide’

The parliament in Lithuania on Thursday became the latest to describe China’s treatment of its Uyghur minority as “genocide”, voting to call for a U.N. …Reuters12 hours ago

Letters: Wake-up call for a China reset

Max Suich’s meticulous analyses (May 17-19) of the missteps in Australia’s China policy over the last four years – driven by a combination of ideological fixation, …The Australian Financial Review1 hour ago

China crypto players shrug off Beijing’s latest crackdown

SHANGHAI — China’s latest salvo against cryptocurrencies has driven a brutal selloff in bitcoin markets but retail traders, miners and even crypto finance firms …NBC News9 hours ago

China’s ‘Sky Eye’ super telescope discovers 201 pulsars

The 500-meter aperture spherical radio telescope (FAST), also known as China’s Tianyan or “Sky Eye,” has discovered 201 pulsars, including some faintest …Global Times20 hours ago

Don’t bet against China’s investment-led growth model

The writer is head of research at Gavekal Dragonomics and author of ‘China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know’. China last year had the quickest …Financial Times20 hours ago

GT investigates: China provides 60% of India’s lifeline but Indian logistics jams threaten timely domestic delivery

By Tu Lei, Yang Kunyi and Zhao Juecheng, Published: 2021/05/21 01:30:00. Editor’s Note: This is the second part of an in-depth investigation into China’s …Global Times7 hours ago

India blames China for deadly Himalayan clashes

India’s foreign minister has blamed China for last year’s deadly skirmishes along their Himalayan border and warned of greater economic consequences unless …Financial Times12 hours ago

China skyscraper wobble due to ‘winds, rail lines and warmer weather’ – reports

Preliminary verdict in Shenzhen suggests combination of factors led to shaking, and finds no safety problems.The Guardian12 hours ago

Why wealthy Chinese families recruit poor graduates as sons-in-law

THE LINGYIN temple in Hangzhou, a lovely, tree-shaded place, has long drawn those seeking the blessings of a good marriage or children. Pilgrims may still be …The Economist32 minutes ago

China rover sends back first images from surface of Mars

Solar panels against an alien landscape, ramps and rods pointing at the horizon of Mars – China’s Zhurong rover has sent back its first photographs of the Red …Al Jazeera English14 hours ago

Long March rocket: Cancelled launch won’t dampen hype around China’s ambitious plans for new space race

The launch was set to take place as part of China’s growing space programme, now rivalling the US and Russia.Sky News4 hours ago

Samoa to scrap China-backed port project under new leader

Samoa’s expected new prime minister has pledged to cancel a $100 million Chinese-backed port development, calling it excessive for the small Pacific island …Reuters15 hours ago

Billionaire Founder of China Property Giant Dies of Illness

(Bloomberg) — The billionaire founder of KE Holdings Inc. has died of an unspecified illness, a shocking development for a Chinese property company that …Yahoo Finance3 hours ago

Chinese province sets up hotline to report suspected crypto miners

A Chinese province has asked residents to blow the whistle on neighbours they suspect of being cryptocurrency miners, in a new sign of how authorities in the …Financial Times14 hours ago

Apple criticised for storing data inside China

The tech giant said it was complying with local law but did not compromise data security.BBC News7 hours ago

China’s tech chiefs in retreat

This article is an on-site version of our #techFT newsletter. Sign up here to get the complete newsletter sent straight to your inbox every weekday. ByteDance …Financial Times8 hours ago

China, in global campaign, vaccinates its people in Thailand

BANGKOK (AP) — Chinese citizens living in Thailand began being vaccinated on Thursday as part of China’s global campaign to inoculate its nationals living …The Associated Press9 hours ago

Kiribati’s airstrip revamp sparks political debate on China’s intentions

The Pacific Island’s government and Beijing say the proposed revamp of the airstrip is to upgrade transport links. But opposition figures are questioning the …South China Morning Post3 hours ago

Bitcoin continues plunge after China puts handbrake on cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin’s price has dropped along with other cryptocurrencies after comments from China, banning financial institutions from providing services using digital …ABC News18 hours ago

Biden to push South Korea to take tough line on China at summit

The US is trying to convince Moon Jae-in to agree to a strong statement of concern about China when the South Korean president becomes the second world …Financial Times18 hours ago

China delays supply mission to new space station for technical reasons

China postponed a supply mission to its new space station Thursday for unspecified technical reasons. The Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft was expected to have …Business Standard22 hours ago

Tensions will likely grow as China seeks bigger role in the Arctic

China’s ambitions to take a more significant role in the Arctic are likely to lead to growing tensions, according to Oksana Antonenko, a director at risk consultancy …CNBC14 hours ago

China, the Fed and a threat of regulation roil financial markets

Was it the Fed, China or US lawmakers searching for ways to regulate cryptocurrencies? Maybe it was a combination of all those influences that triggered a wild …Sydney Morning Herald22 hours ago

China-US investment drops to lowest level since 2009 on pandemic and political tensions: experts

Two- way investment between China and the US fell to $15.9 billion in 2020 amid pandemic and rising tensions within the China-US relationship, the lowest …Global Times22 hours ago

The latest arena of US-China confrontation: international tech standards

The U.S. and China have been in competition and confrontation in arena after arena. On trade and tariffs, over islands in the south China sea, over human rights.Marketplace4 hours ago

US fearmongering, racist China policy come back to haunt it

Some US lawmakers and activists finally raised clear-headed voices, noting the anti-China political atmosphere would come back to haunt the US, and rising …Global Times10 hours ago

China overhauls its public health bureaucracy

Science’s COVID-19 reporting is supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation. Embedded Image. Passengers at Hankou railway station in Wuhan on 22 …Science Magazine6 hours ago

US, China must learn to cooperate or war may ruin us all: Singapore PM

‘Everything is to be lost’ in the event of a military conflict between the world’s two largest economies, and casualties would be a certainty, warns Lee Hsien …South China Morning Post11 hours ago

Greek exhibition kicked off under the Greece-China Year of Culture &Tourism 2021

The Tides of the Century – 2020 Ocean Flower Island International Art Exhibition officially opened on Thursday in South China’s Hainan Province and Greece is …Global Times8 hours ago

The key to China’s military mind is the Communist Party’s defence

Share this article. Facebook · Twitter · Whatsapp · Email; Print; Save. China is not the enemy. Communism is. There seems increasing open discussion around …The Australian9 hours agoOpinion

Past, present and future: The evolution of China’s incredible high-speed rail network

Over the past decade, China has built the world’s largest dedicated high-speed rail network, revolutionizing long-distance travel across this vast and diverse …CNN 5 hours ago

Bytedance CEO stands aside to do more ‘daydreaming’ about the future

Zhang Yiming will change role after saying he lacks the right skills to manage and prefers ‘reading and daydreaming’The Guardian5 hours ago

China and Central Asia: Bilateral Trade Relationships and Future Outlook

The regional trade outlook between China and Central Asian countries looks optimistic, energized by Belt and Road Initiative projects.China Briefing11 hours ago

China says providing vaccines to almost 40 African states

BEIJING (AP) — China said Thursday it is providing COVID-19 vaccines to nearly 40 African countries, describing its actions as purely altruistic in an apparent …The Associated Press10 hours ago

China offers new type of mediation, more effective solution to Palestine-Israel conflict: former diplomat

China is continually paying efforts to mediate the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict as the Chinese special envoy for Middle East affairs spoke with Palestinian …Global Times9 hours ago

China CO2 emissions 9% higher than pre-pandemic levels in Q1: Research

China is responsible for over a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions but also the biggest investor in renewable energy. (AFP/JOHANNES EISELE).CNA11 hours ago

How disgruntled Chinese people talk about you-know-who

ON MAY 6TH Wang Xing, a Chinese tech tycoon, posted a classical ninth-century poem on Fanfou, a social-media platform. The poem mocked an ancient …The Economist32 minutes ago

China to advance anti-epidemic solidarity, uphold vaccine sharing at G20 health summit

As the pandemic rebounds and international anti-epidemic cooperation is at a critical juncture, the G20 leaders’ meeting at the Global Health Summit on Friday …Global Times10 hours ago

China’s Australian coal ban distorts prices

China’s ban on Australian coal imports is distorting thermal coal trade flows and creating unprecedented price imbalances in the market as the high demand …Argus Media11 hours ago

Imprisoning narratives: Morrison, Ardern and China | The Interpreter

Scott Morrison’s odd choice of words about Taiwan won’t shift the consensus that his government remains wedded to unaccommodating positions on China.The Interpreter22 hours ago

‘Old’ Quad strategy risks provoking China: Malaysia’s Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR — The countries in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or Quad, should be careful not to enrage China lest they trigger a heavy global.Nikkei Asia12 hours ago

China’s 5-year plan and its impact on sustainable business | Greenbiz

Business operating in China should expect changes to the market to align with climate goals.GreenBiz16 hours ago

China Matters Explores the Secrets of the ‘Queen of Chinese Green Tea’

Around mid to late March each year, farmers in southeastern Chinese city of Hangzhou are busy picking tea leaves. The Longjing tea, a precious Chinese green …Yahoo Finance12 hours ago

China’s Tencent Increases Profits to $7.39 Billion in First Quarter

China’s largest company, the social media, games and entertainment giant Tencent achieved net profits of RMB47.7 billion ($7.39 billion) in the first three …Yahoo Finance12 hours ago

Ageing China boosts private sector role as pensions time bomb ticks

China is tweaking its $1.2 trillion pension system to increase private sector involvement as its population ages rapidly and underfunding looms, but experts say …Reuters16 hours ago

‘There is no end to this Chinese expansionism’: Alan Jones

Talks of encirclement in Australia can’t be far off as China’s expansion has grown since Biden became president of the United States, according to Sky News …Sky News Australia14 hours ago

China seeks to hold talks about Gaza with Israel, Russia, EU and UN

Beijing says it welcomes ‘Palestinian and Israeli representatives coming to China for direct negotiations’.South China Morning Post10 hours ago

Variant causing fresh cluster infections in China from overseas: CDC epidemiologist

The virus that caused the *fresh* cluster of COVID-19 infections in East China’s Anhui and Northeast China’s Liaoning provinces was either from infected overseas …Global Times15 hours ago

World Insights: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor bears fruit amid 70th anniversary of ties – Xinhua |

by Li Hao, Deng Kaiyin and Jiang Chao. ISLAMABAD, May 20 (Xinhua) — Since the establishment of their diplomatic relations on May 21, 1951, China and …Xinhua19 hours ago

China Daily: Next-gen AI to boost role of tech – PRNewswire

BEIJING, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As next-generation artificial intelligence is booming around the world, the technology will play a bigger role in fueling …PRNewswire5 hours ago

The dark side of China’s mystery box craze

Animal rights group Love Home filmed this raid on May 3 in the central Chinese city of Chengdu, during which it uncovered 156 boxes of months’ old puppies …9News18 hours ago

How long can Vietnam afford to stay immune to Chinese vaccines?

Surging Covid-19 case numbers, dismal vaccination rates, and new waves of deadlier or more transmissible variants have made the need for shots in arms all …South China Morning Post23 hours agoOpinion

The US cannot defeat China

By: Global Times | Published: May 21, 2021 12:17 AM. The US does not have China’s momentum for development and lacks the spirit of seeking truth from facts.Global Times8 hours ago

Copper Rebounds as Demand Optimism Overcomes Fed, China Concerns

Copper rebounded from Wednesday’s slump, buoyed by expectations that demand will remain resilient in the face of possible tapering by the U.S. Federal …Bloomberg5 hours ago

China accelerates COVID-19 vaccination

China is accelerating its COVID-19 vaccination. For 7 consecutive days, over 12 mln doses were administered daily in Chinese mainland, with a daily record of …Global Times13 hours ago

216,000 Chinese students study in UK as a result of US visa restrictions

Chinese students have become the largest group of international students in the UK despite deteriorated China-UK relations, with analysts saying that the …Global Times11 hours ago

An ancient Chinese history lesson for today’s Hong Kong

History is not necessarily a guide to the future, though it sometimes offers interesting parallels and stimulates thoughts about the present. The rise of the Han …South China Morning Post10 hours agoOpinion

China says US warship illegally entered its South China Sea zone

BEIJING (Reuters) — China said on Thursday a U.S. warship had illegally entered its territorial waters in the South China Sea, and was expelled by it.Nikkei Asia13 hours ago

Stop the decline of China’s wild otters

China is home to three species of otters: the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra), the Asian small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinereus), and the smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale …Science Magazine6 hours ago

Single-dose vaccine now available in China

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN): Several cities across China have recently started offering residents a single-dose Covid-19 vaccine in addition to the two-dose …The Star Online21 hours ago

China Is Testing A Beastly 20-Barrel Naval Gatling Gun (Updated)

The new weapon has nearly twice as many barrels as the largest close-in weapon system in *service* now with China’s Navy.The Drive1 hour ago

German exports to United States and China jump, underpinning recovery

German exports to the United States and China jumped on the year in April, data showed on Thursday, suggesting that strong demand from abroad is helping …Reuters16 hours ago

‘Long overdue’: Chinese actress Tong Liya’s divorce is praised by fans

Tong Liya, one of China’s most popular actresses, announced her divorce on Thursday, the unofficial Valentine’s Day in China, and in turn was celebrated by …South China Morning Post17 hours ago

In southwestern China, a minority wrestles with its future

Many minority cultures in China face a stark choice: Assimilate into Han culture or reject it and get left behind. The Yi want to find a ‘third way.’Los Angeles Times14 hours ago

Chinese military returns to border? Indian source says summer deployment routine for both sides

After Indian media hyped the Chinese army’s return to “exercise areas near eastern Ladakh,” the Global Times learned from an Indian source that it is routine for …Global Times19 hours ago

EU parliament blocks China investment deal over sanctions

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to refuse any consideration of the EU-China investment deal as long as Chinese sanctions against …The Australian8 hours ago

Sri Lankan parliament passes controversial Bill on China-backed Port City

The development comes after the Supreme Court suggested certain amendments, following over a dozen petition from opposing parties which said it “directly …The Hindu8 hours ago

UBS Is Bullish on China’s Shopping Malls. Buy These Stocks to Play the Trend.

Investors looking to capitalize on some of the most important trends shaping China have but one place to look: shopping malls. An urbanization push and …Barron’s7 hours ago

US professor with China ties jailed for lying on grant applications

A former Ohio State University rheumatologist and researcher who was arrested in May 2020 for his role in an immunology research fraud scheme has been …Chemistry World10 hours ago

China Opens Patent Linkage Registration Public Testing Platform

May 18, 2021, the Center for Drug Evaluation of China’s National Medical Products Administration issued Notice on the public testing of the patent information …The National Law Review11 hours ago

An open China a boon to global economy

A shopping expo in China made the headlines in May. Some 1300 global brands including Swatch of Switzerland, Swarovski of Austria, Shiseido of Japan, and …Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide18 hours ago

China deploys offshore oil production rig in South China Sea

Lufeng 14-4 central platform set to go into operation by end of the year, CNOOC says.South China Morning Post11 hours ago

China to add at least 90 GW wind and solar capacity to the grid in 2021

China has ordered power transmission firms to connect a minimum of 90 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar capacity to the grid this year, the National Energy …Reuters15 hours ago

China wheelchair users dodge traffic on rough road to recognition

Cars, scooters and bicycles wait impatiently at traffic lights ready to zip across one of Shanghai’s main roads. In the thick of them sits an old man in an electric …Yahoo News Australia22 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE PetroChina ships jet fuel to junta-ruled Myanmar, data shows

PetroChina International Singapore Pte Ltd sold a cargo of jet fuel into Myanmar in April, according to government import data reviewed by Reuters, the first such …Reuters14 hours ago

China’s Blockchain Stocks Are Avoiding Worst of Bitcoin Carnage

China’s blockchain-linked stocks are a rare quantity: a corner of the cryptocurrency market that’s relatively unscathed amid the rout in digital tokens.Bloomberg17 hours ago

The Internet Data Center Industry in China and Hong Kong is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 4% During 2020 to 2026

PRNewswire/ — The “Internet Data Center Market in China and Hong Kong – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026” report has been added to…PRNewswire13 hours ago

Chinese traditional therapy executive blamed investor pressure for manipulating market

Zhonghan “John” Wu, who used multiple trading accounts to artificially inflate Traditional Therapy Clinics’ share price after it listed on the ASX, was jailed this …Sydney Morning Herald5 hours ago

Senate aims to pass bill on China and chips by month’s end

The Democratic-run Senate, with some Republican support, is working toward passing legislation this month that targets China and aims to support the …MarketWatch3 hours ago

ByteDance, McDonald’s riding China’s e-commerce boom, says Carlyle Group

The world’s second-largest private-equity firm has bet US$2 billion on China’s fast-evolving consumer market. It sees a host of exit opportunities this year, via …South China Morning Post22 hours ago

China Builds Key Highway Through Brahmaputra Gorge In Tibet Near Arunachal: Report

China has completed the construction of a strategic highway through the Brahmaputra Canyon, stated to be the world’s deepest, close to the Arunachal Pradesh …NDTV9 hours ago

China Job Employment Seen Largely Stable Despite Covid Recovery Uncertainty

China’s employment situation is expected to stay generally stable this year but challenges and uncertainties will persist since the economy’s recovery isn’t yet on …Bloomberg13 hours ago

China flies 2 fighter-bombers over median line in Taiwan Strait

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Four Chinese military planes intruded on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday (May 20), including two …Taiwan News13 hours ago

House Intel Republicans urge ‘more pressure on China,’ claiming evidence suggests Wuhan lab leak

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day … House Intel Republicans urge ‘more pressure on China,’ …Fox News15 hours ago

Beijing launches level 2 emergency response amid COVID-19 rebound as thousands register marriage on Chinese Valentine’s Day

May 20, Chinese Valentine’s Day, is seeing a peak of marriage registrations, with 5521 couples in Beijing applying for registration, prompting Beijing to launch a …Global Times15 hours ago

Trump Sued by Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition Over ‘China Virus’

Donald Trump is getting dragged into court for using the term “China virus” … a new lawsuit says the former President caused a lot of harm to Chinese Americans …TMZ1 hour ago

China targets property sector for deflation

Striking a balance between growth and stability. We agree with the chairman of the CBIRC that the property sector is one of the gray rhinos in China.MacroBusiness21 hours ago

Hedge Funds Investment Bets at Sohn: Monex, Sea, China Steel Deals, Park24

Chinese steel producers, a cryptocurrency platform, Japanese lasers and parking lots and a Vietnamese jeweler were among bets pitched by Asia hedge funds …Bloomberg13 hours ago

China’s Mutual-Fund Stars Go From Boom to Backlash

China’s $3 trillion mutual-fund industry drew throngs of individual investors in thrall to market-beating star managers. But the Chinese market has slumped, …The Wall Street Journal15 hours ago

Marilyn Monroe white dress car ad cancelled for being ‘vulgar’ in China

The classic 1950’s Marilyn Monroe skirt blown by an air vent scene has proved too racy for some in China after an ad recreating it was blasted as ‘vulgar’.South China Morning Post15 hours ago

Chinese parents are keen on a more Confucian education

AT FIRST GLANCE, Huaguoshan kindergarten in Zhuzhou, a city in the southern province of Hunan, looks much like any other nursery. Four brightly painted …The Economist32 minutes ago


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