China in the News: May 30, 2021

China News
China News

Daily news headlines about China from around the world (past 24 hours)

U.S. Mask Companies Struggle to Compete with China – Like other start-ups, the company got into the mask business after China, the world’s largest producer of protective medical gear, halted exports at the start of the …13 hours ago

China successfully launches cargo resupply spacecraft – Tianzhou-2 is the second of 11 missions needed to complete China’s first self-developed space station around 2022, and follows the launch of the key module …8 hours ago

China is already winning World War III, via money | TheHill – For China’s communist leaders, referring to Taiwan as a “country” is akin to touching an electrified third-rail. They don’t allow it. The next act from Cena was …6 hours ago

The U.S. Has Banned Seafood From A Chinese Company Over Suspicions Of Forced Labor – U.S. Customs and Border Protection has imposed a new import ban on seafood from a fleet of Chinese fishing vessels, after a year-long investigation uncovered …6 hours ago

China, U.S. can find common ground on tariff exclusions, Chinese think tank says – The Biden administration is unlikely to remove tariffs on Chinese goods in the short term, but China and the United States might find a …14 hours ago

Philippines protests China’s ‘illegal’ South China Sea presence – Philippines protests China’s ‘illegal’ South China Sea presence. Manila lodges diplomatic protest against the ‘incessant and prolonged’ presence of Chinese …17 hours ago

A tragedy high on a mountain was a wake-up call for China’s booming marathon industry – When Zhang Xiaotao set off last weekend on a 100-kilometer (62-mile) ultra-marathon through the jagged mountains of northwestern China, he didn’t …22 hours ago

‘Dangerous decade ahead’: warnings for US and China in global showdown – The warnings were delivered at the International Finance Forum in Beijing on Saturday and reflected deep concern about the growing divide between China …8 hours ago

Study Alleges Proof China Lab Created COVID, Covered It Up – A new study alleges – “now beyond a reasonable doubt” – Chinese scientists not only cooked up COVID-19 in a lab, but they covered it up, and silenced …5 hours ago

The Latest: China reports 16 new confirmed coronavirus cases – It said the other infections are believed to have been acquired abroad. Mainland China’s death toll stands at 4,636 out of 91,061 confirmed cases, according to the …19 hours ago

Neighbourhood in south China under lockdown after fresh virus outbreak – A neighbourhood in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has been locked down as officials rush to quell an uptick in cases in the area.14 hours ago

Chinese city locks down neighborhood after virus upsurge – A resident gets tested for coronavirus in the Liwan District in Guangzhou in southern China’s Guangdong province on Wednesday May 26, 2021. The southern …10 hours ago

A Neighborhood in Guangzhou Locks Down Amid New Outbreak – Officials in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou ordered a neighborhood to lock down over the weekend, closing schools and banning dining in restaurants …4 hours ago

China’s Banking Regulator Warns of Global Asset Bubble Risks – Recent interest rate hikes by emerging economies could lead to a bursting of global financial asset bubbles, according to a senior official with China’s banking …17 hours ago

Covid Outbreak Partly Closes One of China’s Busiest Ports – A container ship at the Yantian International Container Terminals in Shenzhen, China. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg …14 hours ago

Australia says citizen is in arbitrary detention in China – Australia considers the incarceration of a Chinese-Australian writer who has been tried in Beijing for alleged espionage a case of arbitrary detention, the foreign …20 hours ago

China administers over 600m doses of COVID-19 vaccine with record 100m shots achieved within 5 days – The Chinese mainland has administered more than 600 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine as of Friday, and with an ever-accelerating speed, it took China only …11 hours ago

Ai Weiwei on colonialism and statues, Churchill, China and Covid – From this week a seven-metre-high installation entitled Gilded Cage, by the exiled Chinese artist and human rights campaigner Ai Weiwei, will be on display at …7 hours ago

Ben Shapiro / China isn’t winning; the West is forfeiting – McNeil wrote. “And China’s lack of candor is disturbing.” It now seems highly credible that COVID-19 originated inside a Chinese state laboratory — and that China …7 hours ago

If the US went to war with China, who would win? – The military balance between China and the United States is complicated, and requires thinking about budgets, numbers of warships and aircraft, geography, …2 hours ago

Australia slams ‘arbitrary detention of academic in China – The trial for the Chinese-born Australian, who also goes by his pen name Yang Hengjun, began Thursday, but the court decided to delay a verdict and a …21 hours ago

‘Friends’: The One Where China Censors Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber -Chinese fans of the popular sitcom “Friends” were furious after censors cut guest stars Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Korean boyband BTS from the much-awaited …16 hours ago

Xi seeks to rally China’s scientists for ‘unprecedented’ contest – Chinese leader promises to boost investment and free scientists from bureaucracy as Joe Biden seeks heavy increase in US research budget; Xi says country …9 hours ago

Can China finally solve its military jet engine problems? – Fan blades have long been an Achilles’ heel in China’s programme to develop jet engines. The new coating …16 hours ago

China’s courts deserve a bigger say in global SEP policy – With China eyeing an increased role in global IP governance, writes Bing Zhao, its courts should aim to establish credibility in resolving SEP disputes to the …14 hours ago

China to launch Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft to space station at around 8:55 pm Saturday:CMSA – Propellant fueling of the Long March-7 Y3 carrier rocket that is commissioned for the launch of Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft to China’s space station at around …11 hours ago

City districts shut as Chinese province continues Covid-19 battle – Covid-19 in China: parts of Guangzhou shut down as province battles latest outbreak. Residents in the city’s Liwen district issued stay-at-home orders, while …10 hours ago

China tech CEOs slip off backstage to avoid Beijing’s glare – But his departure comes as several of China’s once-lauded tech entrepreneurs step aside under increasing scrutiny from a government concerned about their …17 hours ago

Europe Looks for Ally to Check China as Trump and Covid Recede – At the same time, EU-Chinese tension escalated in March when China retaliated against Western sanctions over human rights in the Xinjiang region by …18 hours ago

LEZÉ’s Asian Female Founders Talk Cultural Unrest, The ‘Made In China’ Myth & Sustainable Workleisure – LEZÉ’s Asian Female Founders Talk Cultural Unrest, The ‘Made In China’ Myth … Karen and Tanya have their sustainable clothes produced in a Chinese factory …11 hours ago

Watch: Long queues outside vaccination centres in China as people struggle to get inoculated amidst resurgent COVID-19 outbreak – The videos puncture the claims made by the Chinese Communist Party and demonstrate how China is struggling to effectively vaccinate its citizens. A video that …15 hours ago

CGTN: China gears up for sci-tech development, focusing more on self-reliance – China’s pursuit of independence in scientific innovation is reflected in its various achievements, including the Beidou Navigation Satellite System, the space …19 hours ago

‘Friends: The Reunion’ China Streamers Clash as Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku Unite Against Bilibili – Popular on Variety. China’s leading video streamers iQiyi, Tencent and Alibaba’s Youku are all fierce competitors, but they rallied together Friday to present an …22 hours ago

Chinese ‘artificial sun’ hits new mark in fusion energy mission – Chinese ‘artificial sun’ hits new mark in fusion energy mission. Facility in country’s east maintains extreme temperatures for five times longer than its previous …11 hours ago

Video & Photo Story: Steffi Marth & Nathalie Schneitter’s Yunnan China Adventure – I’m concerned about whether our camping equipment is suitable for freezing temperatures. However, the freedom to be totally self-sufficient somewhere in China’s …14 hours ago

Why China should slash taxes now the US wants a global minimum – Doing so could help China retain multinationals spooked by the trade war and rising business costs, attract more FDI, and bolster the country’s competitive edge in …21 hours ago

Biden budget plan calls for record military spending directed against China – The budget proposal is openly directed against China, in the first instance, followed by Russia, Iran and North Korea. Coming in the midst of the orchestrated …20 hours ago

NFTs Are Shaking Up China’s Art Scene – NFTs Are Shaking Up China’s Art Scene. Julienna Law; May 29, 2021. Following the $47,000 sale of an NFT song by Chinese singer A Duo, will the …13 hours ago

Chinese Communist Party marks 100 years, claims credit for achieving Chinese dream – The CCP continues to claim full credit for these accomplishments. In February, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the end of extreme poverty in China. But …16 hours ago

China’s naturalized forward Fei Nanduo to miss Guam
match through injury in World Cup qualifier
– China forward Fei Nanduo will sit out his side’s FIFA World Cup qualifier against Guam on Sunday due to injury, head …14 hours ago

Vax-a-Million winners, China miffed at Fauci, Wolstein Center news, more – coronavirus timeline – Our weekly coronavirus timeline covers Vax-a-Million winners, China’s response to Dr. Anthony Fauci, news about the Wolstein Center …12 hours ago

GPS, subs and microelectronics: Biden defense budget is all China – One trend is a shift to submarines — an acknowledgement that surface ships are more vulnerable to China’s increasing missile capabilities. Previous plans under …23 hours ago

Senate R&D bill to counter China shelved by GOP opposition – A sweeping Senate bill aimed at making the United States more competitive with China and shoring up domestic computer chip …19 hours ago

Eastern Michigan, Chinese university partner on learning – Eastern Michigan University has finalized an agreement with a school in China to establish a joint college of engineering. The agreement …8 hours ago

The Latest: China Reports 16 New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases – It said the other infections are believed to have been acquired abroad. Mainland China’s death toll stands at 4,636 out of 91,061 confirmed cases, according to the …19 hours ago

New prime minister promising to tear up Samoa’s deals with China locked out of parliament by pro-Beijing opposition – Fiame Naomi Mata’afa, the opposition leader set to become Samoa’s first female prime minister after a knife-edge victory in April’s poll, could dent China’s growing …13 hours ago

Lithuania turns against China’s aggression – It has recently become known that Lithuania has decided to quit the “17+1” economic and political cooperation format between China and Central and Eastern …13 hours ago

Will the West’s answer to China’s belt and road lead anywhere? – The US, EU, Britain, India, Japan – all have mooted plans for an alternative to Beijing’s signature infrastructure initiative that has boosted Chinese influence …18 hours ago

Biden follows in the footsteps of Trump with $250bn China crackdown – Biden follows in the footsteps of Trump with $250bn China crackdown. Biden’s huge R&D spending package uses soft power where Trump favoured tariffs but …18 hours ago

Merger of Tencent-backed game streamers remains in limbo amid Beijing’s scrutiny – China antitrust: inquiry into the merger of video game streamers Huya, DouYu puts spotlight on Tencent. Tencent owns a 37 per cent stake in Huya and 38 per cent …20 hours ago

Sold Carnival Cruise Ship Undergoes Refurbishment in China – The former Carnival Fascination undergoes refurbishment in China to begin service as Century Harmony in Zhejiang Province. By Emrys Thakkar · Affiliate …4 hours ago

Chinese elephant herd hits the road on quest through urban jungle – elephants, including mothers with their young, left their tropical forest home of Puer prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan province and started marching north. After …11 hours ago

Taiwan’s coronavirus outbreak ‘spreading from first hot zones’ – “They are obviously making excuses to stop Taiwanese from taking vaccines produced in mainland China,” state news agency Xinhua quoted TAO spokeswoman …14 hours ago

New Zealand to be third party to Australia, China trade row – New Zealand will be a party to a trade dispute between Canberra and Beijing over significant tariffs China imposed on imports of barley from Australia last year.16 hours ago

China to explore alignment of 14th FYP with Poland’s recovery program – Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday called on China and Poland to explore the alignment of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021- …11 hours ago

China high on agenda in Jaishankar’s US visit – Jaishankar had travelled to the US against the backdrop of his stalemated conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on April 30. The readouts of the …7 hours ago

Biden Gets Tough On China – Out Front Colorado – A security guard prevents photographers from approaching the Wuhan Institute of Virology. FIGHTING THE PANDEMIC China accuses of “manipulation” those …13 hours ago

Rapid urbanization, integrated city planning catalysts for China’s miracle growth: Indian expert – “For the last several decades, the most remarkable facet of China’s urbanization has been its unmatched speed,” said Ramanath Jha, a research fellow focusing …11 hours ago

‘Waste of talent’: anger at top university graduate working as servant – Top Chinese university graduate working as a domestic servant highlights challenges for job-seeking graduates. The 29-year-old woman graduated from the …21 hours ago

War fears EXPLODE as China accuses Australia of ‘provocative actions’ in Taiwan – CHINA has lashed out at Australia over its government’s remarks regarding the threat of conflict in Taiwan, branding the comments “incredibly irresponsible”.19 hours ago

Feature: Kurdish students in Iraq demonstrate perseverance in learning Chinese amid COVID-19 crisis – Two teachers from China, Hu Zhiwei and Li Hualai, have focused on teaching Kurdish students Chinese, despite the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. Hu, …9 hours ago

6 Hard-to-Believe Chinese Tech Stock Facts – Many Chinese tech stocks have opaque ownership. China’s government doesn’t actually allow foreign investors to own stakes in its tech companies. But SINA, the …10 hours ago

Consumers Should Be Warned About China’s Rebranded Hikvision Cameras – Hikvision’s largest shareholder is a subsidiary of China Electronics Technology Group Corp (CETC), a state-owned conglomerate. Some Hikvision cameras can …12 hours ago

China strengthens regulation, supervision against illicit music content – China has strengthened its supervision and law enforcement efforts regarding illicit music content to boost its cultural industry, the Ministry of Culture and …15 hours ago

A Ceylonese ‘Princess’ in China, Internet Erupts in Anger and Dismay in Sri Lanka – Some are expressing anger and dismay over the brazenness of China. Xu Shi Yin’e, the “Lanka Princess” attended the Vesak celebrations 2021 at the Embassy in …13 hours ago

Boycott of 2022 Winter Olympics would hurt athletes, not China | Opinion – China’s repression of Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang is genocide. But history shows boycotts of the Olympics are ineffectual. Francisco “A.J.” Camacho.13 hours ago

China’s state-run media slams Bitcoin trading, calls for stricter supervision – crypto market and argued that local investors often resort to using offshore exchanges to bypass China’s restrictions. Meanwhile, some experts cited by Xinhua …3 hours ago

IMF lauds China’s efforts in stepping up vaccination abroad and at home – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Friday lauded China’s efforts in stepping up vaccination abroad and at home, …21 hours ago

Chinese UN ambassador pays tribute to peacekeepers – China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, on Saturday paid tribute to UN peacekeepers and …5 hours ago

China launches Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft for space station core cabin supply mission – China successfully launched Tianzhou-2 cargo ship for 1st space station supply mission Sat night after Tianhe core module’s launch, Tianwen-1’s soft landing …7 hours ago

Covid: China learnings help Indegene save lives of its employees in India – Till the end of 2019, Dr. Saurabh Jain was in Beijing heading the China business at enterprise health tech firm Indegene. Bengaluru-headquartered Indegene …7 hours ago

China’s Naval Modernization: The Dragon Going Global? – Demotivating Factors for China in Joining the New START Treaty. Published. 11 hours ago. on. May 29, 2021. By.15 hours ago

Chinese APT Groups continue to pound away on Pulse Secure VPNsMultiple cyberthreat groups believed to be working in support of China’s long-term economic interests are continuing to hammer away at networks belonging to …6 hours

If China was 100 people: How the world’s most populous nation lives – If China was 100 people: How the world’s most populous nation lives. China’s is home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s population. Here’s what that looks like.16 hours ago

Own a Tesla? Get ready for probe: Chinese state bodies turn the heat on – Tesla is wading through stormy waters in China, the world’s largest automobile market, and a shoreline remains beyond sight. With suspicions that on-board …18 hours ago

Li Keqiang Sends a Congratulatory Letter to the Inauguration of the China-ASEAN Year of Sustainable Development Cooperation – On May 28, 2021, Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter to the inauguration of the China-ASEAN Year of Sustainable Development Cooperation.12 hours ago

Jimmy Lai, seven other Hong Kong dissidents jailed for rallies against China – The clashes with police on China’s October 1 National Day were some of the worst of that period. …20 hours ago

Germany, Russia, China catalyze change in behavior of US, France, UK? – Could competition from China, Germany and Russia be forcing old powers to change their behavior in African relations, Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, recognition …6 hours ago

Dealing firmly with China: Army chief – Naravane said India was dealing with China in a “firm” and “non-escalatory” manner to ensure the sanctity of its claims in eastern Ladakh, and that it was even …23 hours ago

‘All Roads Lead North: Nepal’s Turn to China’ review: Nepal’s links with China – Amish Raj Mulmi’s scholarly and deeply engaging treatise, All Roads Lead North, fills a vacuum on scholarship on Nepal-China relations which is a must-read to …11 hours ago

Have your say: Is New Zealand too cosy with China? – Watch: Damien O’Connor spoke about New Zealand’s relationship with China on Newshub Nation on Saturday. Credits: Video – Newshub Nation; Image – Getty.19 hours ago

Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles on Los Angeles Times Editorial on Xinjiang – The editorial cited the so-called reports about Xinjiang fabricated by rumor-monger Adrian Zenz, and even alleged that China forced about 8 million people into ” …12 hours ago

Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.9 earthquake – China: XIZANG … – Moderate mag. 4.9 earthquake – China: XIZANG on 29 May 4:02 pm (GMT +8) – just now · Moderate magnitude 4.9 earthquake at 10 km depth · Data for the same …14 hours ago

Pakistan fails to prove alleged India role in 2018 China consulate attack – Pakistan has failed to prove the alleged “involvement” of India in a case related to the November 2018 attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, in which four …13 hours ago

China eyes level playing field for powerful and powerless – For all the scepticism and sarcasm about President Xi Jinping’s pledge to advance rule by law and ensure social justice and fairness, Chinese private …16 hours ago

MingYang Completes China’s First Floating Offshore Wind Platform – The first prototype will be towed out and installed at the China Three Gorges Yangxi Shapa III offshore wind farm as a technology demonstrator for testing. It will …22 hours ago

Chinese ultramarathon deaths prompt new focus on runners’ safety – Chinese goat herder saves 6 ultramarathon runners stranded on a mountain by extreme weather. She also said trail runners needed to ensure they had outdoor …14 hours ago

Air Force 2022 budget focused on countering China – The Department of the Air Force is asking for $212.8 billion in fiscal 2022, including $39 billion in “pass through” funding, which is not controlled by USAF and …20 hours ago

As China plans new rules, global automakers move to store car data locally – BMW, Daimler and Ford have set up facilities in China to store data generated by their cars locally, they told Reuters, as automakers come under growing …13 hours ago

Covid-19 lockdown lessons from US, Hong Kong, China and Australia – China was both patted and panned for the Wuhan way. What is the art of a good lockdown? The Straits Times bureaus report on wisdom gleaned from handling …1 hour ago

China using cases against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists to stifle dissent – China using cases against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists to stifle dissent. ANI | Updated: May 29, 2021 18:26 IST.9 hours ago

World champion Liu Shiwen ousted in quarters in China’s table tennis Olympic simulation – Reigning world champion Liu Shiwen was China’s first Olympic squad member to suffer an exit in the country’s table …16 hours ago

Taiwan’s president said China interfered in and delayed its COVID-19 vaccine deal with Pfizer-BioNTech – Tsai has resisted pressure to buy vaccines from China, choosing to deal directly with manufacturers. In a party meeting on Wednesday, Taiwan ‘s President Tsai …9 hours ago

Chinese Government Might Impound Bitcoin Mining Hardware, Taking Out BTC Hashpower Permanently: Report – BitOoda added that Chinese cryptocurrency miners have significantly “large … the hashpower permanently,”; The miners “ship them out of China and seek new …8 hours ago

Apple officially puts 1st data center in China into operation: media – The data center was built in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province jointly with a Chinese company with a contracted investment of $1 billion under a 2017 …15 hours ago

‘Boys’ Love’ dramas dance around China’s LGBTQ censors – ‘Boys’ Love’ dramas dance around China’s LGBTQ censors. “Boys’ love” adaptations are booming, screened by streaming giants like Youku and Tencent Video, …21 hours ago

Where To Study Biotechnology In China, 2021 – Where To Study Biotechnology In China, 2021 · Peking University Located in the Haidian district in Beijing this university falls under the list of world-class colleges …10 hours ago


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