Month: July 2021

China in the News: July 18, 2021

China threat: Australia detects two Chinese spy ships ahead of a major US missile launch on Sunday – AUSTRALIA has detected “unusual” spy activity from Beijing after a second high-tech Chinese military ship was spotted approaching the Queensland coast ahead… Read More ›

China in the News: July 17, 2021

Cannabis may have originated in northwest China, study suggests – A feral cannabis plant in the middle of a grassland in Qinghai province, central China. Their genomic analysis separated the samples into four major groups, … Chinese companies face uncertainty… Read More ›

China in the News: July 16, 2021

FirstFT: China warns of economic uncertainty – FirstFT: China warns of economic uncertainty. China reports moderate recovery in Q2, Morgan Stanley reports M&A flurry, US delays to delisting Chinese stocks. Financial Report Shows Bit Digital Is Transferring 14500 Bitcoin Miners… Read More ›

China in the News: July 15, 2021

Biden, Yellen to Maintain Trump’s Halt in US-China Economic Dialogue – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her staff have no plans to resurrect the regular U.S.-China economic dialogue that governed ties between the two nations … Didi Chuxing’s Troubles Show… Read More ›

China in the News: July 10, 2021

China’s Easing Forces Traders to Rethink How They Label Markets – “China’s economy is transitioning.” As the pandemic subsides, money managers are actively trying to assess where China stands as an investment. Strategists … US Works to Outpace China in… Read More ›

China in the News: July 9, 2021

Countries Using China, Astra Shots Increasingly Eye Boosters – In places like Mongolia and the U.A.E., high levels of coverage with Chinese shots using the older, less effective inactivated vaccine platform hasn’t stopped a … Currency and control: why China… Read More ›