Month: July 2021

China orders one member of each Tibetan family to enlist in the military to fight against India

China has been hatching several conspiracies since its defeat on the eastern Ladakh border against India last year. Considering the fact that Tibetan youth can play a vital role in fighting India in the Himalayan mountains on the borders of… Read More ›

China in the News: July 18, 2021

China threat: Australia detects two Chinese spy ships ahead of a major US missile launch on Sunday – AUSTRALIA has detected “unusual” spy activity from Beijing after a second high-tech Chinese military ship was spotted approaching the Queensland coast ahead… Read More ›

China in the News: July 17, 2021

Cannabis may have originated in northwest China, study suggests – A feral cannabis plant in the middle of a grassland in Qinghai province, central China. Their genomic analysis separated the samples into four major groups, … Chinese companies face uncertainty… Read More ›

China in the News: July 16, 2021

FirstFT: China warns of economic uncertainty – FirstFT: China warns of economic uncertainty. China reports moderate recovery in Q2, Morgan Stanley reports M&A flurry, US delays to delisting Chinese stocks. Financial Report Shows Bit Digital Is Transferring 14500 Bitcoin Miners… Read More ›

China in the News: July 15, 2021

Biden, Yellen to Maintain Trump’s Halt in US-China Economic Dialogue – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her staff have no plans to resurrect the regular U.S.-China economic dialogue that governed ties between the two nations … Didi Chuxing’s Troubles Show… Read More ›

China in the News: July 10, 2021

China’s Easing Forces Traders to Rethink How They Label Markets – “China’s economy is transitioning.” As the pandemic subsides, money managers are actively trying to assess where China stands as an investment. Strategists … US Works to Outpace China in… Read More ›

China in the News: July 9, 2021

Countries Using China, Astra Shots Increasingly Eye Boosters – In places like Mongolia and the U.A.E., high levels of coverage with Chinese shots using the older, less effective inactivated vaccine platform hasn’t stopped a … Currency and control: why China… Read More ›