Overnight News Headlines (Australia): July 20, 2021

Craig Hill Media and Consulting

Children account for 15 per cent of Australian farm deaths, says AgHealth study – 15 per cent of farm deaths are children under 14 years old, according to an AgHealth Australia study; A Ballarat farmer says she is shocked almost one in six …

Australia’s first body image program for primary schools aims to help kids build confidence – As a survivor, her lived experience helped inform a positive body image program that will be available to all Australian schools later today.

Microsoft Exchange hack: Australia, US and allies blame China for huge Microsoft Exchange hack, condemn country’s ‘malicious cyber activities’ – Australia has joined with the United States and other allied nations to condemn China’s “malicious cyber activities”, directly blaming it for a massive hack …

The Chase Australia: The Shark tests his fans’ knowledge in his daily quiz – The Chase Australia’s official Shark, Brydon Coverdale, has created…

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