The curious case of Pakistan, China, TTP and BRI

Imran Khan

On 1st October Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan broke all hell loose when on the Turkish government-run TV channel, TRT World, he disclosed that the Pakistani government is in secret talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), facilitated by the Afghan Taliban.

The Pakistanis were upset for many reasons. They were upset that they were kept in the dark while the government was holding talks with TTP. Another reason which upset them was that the Pakistani Prime Minister broke the news on a Turkish and not on a Pakistani TV channel. 

But the biggest setback was to the parents of over 150 children who lost their lives in the December 2014 massacre in the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar, supposedly undertaken by the TTP.

But Pakistan is desperate to hurt India and please China. To achieve this goal they will shake hands with Devil too. My latest article predicted change of ISI Chief well before anyone thought of:

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