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Tony Rodger is an MA in political science (international relations) and works as a product developer for a consulting and coaching company. His expertise is in analysing defence policy, international relations and political economy. He analyses security through the lens of perception, international relations through culture, and strategy through history. His blog BeyondDefence publishes articles on defence procurement policy, international relations and political economy with a focus on Asia and Canada.

  • International Energy Agency’s view of China’s energy future

    The World Energy Outlook is the International Energy Agency‘s annual report on the state of the international energy market, and the current report is remarkable for its analysis of the tectonic shift centred around China.  As the Chinese demand for… Read More ›

  • The labour relations crisis in China

    As Chinese labour becomes more expensive and a disaffected migrant workforce increasingly stays home, an increasing share of China’s export manufacturing business is drawn to cheaper venues in Southeast Asia. But this is only the tip of a very large iceberg. … Read More ›