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  • Changzhou, China

    In Changzhou there is a historical theme park called Yancheng ChunQiu Land. It is a beautiful park built up to illustrate a part of Chinese history called Spring and Autumn period. From around year 770 BC to 476 BC there… Read More ›

  • Zhu jia jiao: A watertown in Shanghai

    If you want to visit an ancient watertown in the outskirts of Shanghai, Zhu jia jiao is just the right place for you. There are nice canals running through the town, and the best way to explore the city is… Read More ›

  • A visit to Shaoxing

    Shaoxing is a smallish city in Zhejiang province about 200 km south east of Shanghai. Shaoxing is today mostly known for its fabric manufacturing. It is a nice city surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are plenty of things to do… Read More ›