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I'm a business and management graduate from University of London. Currently, a freelance writer and an educational activist in Pakistan.

  • Will China be able to win over Europe?

    China and EU Flags

    As the global geopolitical sphere shapes up into a battleground between the US and China, Europe will have to ally either an erratic Donald Trump or a dubious Xi Jinping. The bright side of the Sino-European relationship Trade between the… Read More ›

  • India-Israel Relations

    India-China War of 1962

    India’s budding relationship with Israel has now blossomed under the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India forged diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, 42 years after recognizing it as a country. During these 4 decades, India was chained by… Read More ›

  • China and Russia: An alliance of convenience or trust?

    Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

    After years of rivalry and mutual suspicion, the China-Russia relationship has been ameliorated by strong economic, military, and political ties. In 1969, limited but intense clashes between the USSR and China mushroomed the hostility and mistrust till the mid-1980s. It… Read More ›

  • Sino-African relationship: Win-win or debt trap diplomacy?

    China in Africa

    China has had unparalleled involvement and success in Africa across trade, investment, and infrastructure financing in the past decade. As Africa’s biggest trade partner and the largest supplier of overseas construction projects, the Sino-African relationship is transforming the African economy… Read More ›

  • The US vs China: Who is in charge?

    US vs China

    The dramatic evolution of the international order in the past few years has altered this pattern. Covid-19 has catalyzed the Chinese domination as a global superpower, bringing the nation in a face-off with ‘Uncle Sam.’