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ASEAN doubles down on non-alignment amid US-China tensions

At the 42nd ASEAN Summit held last week in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, Southeast Asian countries once again reiterated their enduring interests – indifference to great games and focus on economic rebound.  Regional countries remain averse to taking sides in the… Read More ›

Sino-Russian notes

“The creation of the North Atlantic military alliance and the location of numerous military bases around the world lead us to consider the United States as anything but a pacifist country. This is also demonstrated by Washington’s rejection of all… Read More ›

The days of the locusts

What would be the counterpart of the wolf warrior, the modern Beijing diplomat? China Daily, the tabloid of the Communist Party of China, has given us the answer. The wolf warrior, just, good and generous, must fight against a group… Read More ›

Has China lost Europe?

In April and May, as Russia’s war in Ukraine entered its third month, China sent a special envoy to meet with officials in eight central and eastern European countries. The timing was not coincidental: in the two months since Russia… Read More ›