Article Style Guide

To ensure that all pages and articles of China News have the same appearance, please use the following style guidelines when publishing articles and pictures:


  • Usually, only one picture per article is added, at the top of the article, but others may be added throughout the article if desired
  • All pictures to be uploaded must be at least 1200 px wide and at least 700 px high
  • Pictures are centre justified
  • Pictures must be given a title that relates to the story
  • A caption is added when necessary
  • The picture’s description should be the same as the title. If there is a caption, the description should be the same as the caption
  • Remember to add the picture as the “featured image” as well


  • Main text is formatted as “paragraph”
  • Headings are either “paragraph” (bold) or “Heading 2” (not bold)
  • Headings are only used after at least two paragraphs
  • Blockquotes are not used. Instead, use italics, and indent one space
  • Numbering or bullets can be used as necessary
  • Source is displayed in the format  Source: (site name) – “(article name in full)”
  • Hyperlink to source is added to the entire source line, to open in a new page
  • Add a link to your own site after the source line in style “Address” (bold) if you wish


  • All content should relate in some way to China, and mention China significantly
  • We allow articles from Chinese state media as source material

Problems and Suggestions

Any problems or suggestions, please send an email to

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