Article Style Guide

To ensure that all pages and articles of China Daily Mail have the same appearance, please use the following style guidelines when publishing articles and pictures:

Pictures (uploads not available for “contributors”)

  • Usually, only one picture per article is added
  • All pictures to be uploaded are exactly 450 px wide (“authors” only)
  • All pictures to be uploaded are between 250-350 px in height (“authors” only)
  • “Contributors” will need to add pictures as links
  • Pictures are placed in the top left hand corner of the article, left justified
  • Pictures are given a title that relates to the story
  • A caption is added when necessary
  • The picture’s description should be the same as the title. If there is a caption, the description should be the same as the caption
  • Remember to add the picture as the “featured image” as well


  • Main text is formatted as “paragraph”
  • Headings are either “paragraph” (bold) or “Heading 2” (not bold)
  • Headings are only used after at least three paragraphs
  • “Heading x” does not display well next to pictures, so only use them lower in the text
  • Blockquotes are not used. Instead, use italics, and indent one space
  • Numbering or bullets can be used as necessary
  • Indents, numbers and bullets do not display propely next to pictures, so only use them lower in the text
  • Source is displayed in the format  Source: (site name) – “(article name in full)”
  • Source is formatted as “Address” (bold)
  • Hyperlink to source is added to the entire source line, to open in a new page
  • Add a link to your own site after the source line in style “Address” (bold) if you wish
  • Add maximum suggested text links to main text. Use home page where available, and wikipedia or Google map links as a last choice
  • Add up to maximum ten “Related Articles” links after the “own site” line


  • All content should relate in some way to China, and mention China significantly
  • We do not use articles from Chinese state media as source material
  • Some African and South East Asian publications reprint Chinese state media articles. This is because Xinhua provides it free of charge in these areas

Problems and Suggestions

Any problems or suggestions, please send an email to

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