How to buy Chan Kai Yee’s new book ‘Space Era Strategy – The Way China Beats The U.S.’

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Chan Kai Yee’s Space Era Strategy

Some readers of my posts have made enquiries about purchase of my new book “Space Era Strategy”. The book is interesting to them perhaps because of my special Chinese perspectives that make some of my readers believe that I take the risk of being denounced for my opinions.

However, I would rather let time to prove I really understand China and my opinions in the book are correct. It is precisely the case with my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements.” Many of my views in the first edition of the book published in February 2011 have been proved true now three and a half years later.

I therefore give a list of links for purchase of the Kindle version of my book. Readers are advised to order from the country concerned to get the book as the listed price. If ordered from another country, the price may be higher. For example the price will be $5.99 instead of $3.99 if an order for a book from the US is made from Hong Kong.

The print version is not yet ready as my cover designer has not finalised the design.

Here is a summary of the book:

An eye-opening book that tells the truth how the US is losing to China. The US is losing as it adopts the outdated strategy of Air-Sea Battle while China adopts the space era strategy to pursue integrated space and air capabilities: It is losing due to its diplomacy that has given rise to Russian-Chinese alliance.

The U.S. has an outdated strategy has enabled China to catch up and surpass the US in key weapons: Hypersonic weapons (HGV) that Pentagon regards as the weapon that will dominate the world in the future. Aerospaceplane in China’s development of a space-air bomber that can engage an enemy anywhere in the world within an hour and destroy an entire aircraft carrier battle group within minutes.

Anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons, anti-ASAT weapons, stealth aircrafts, drones, AEW&C, etc. The book gives detailed descriptions of China’s weapon development based on information mainly from Chinese sources that the author monitors closely.

The U.S. must not be beaten by China! China is not a democracy. Its political system cannot prevent the emergence of a despotic leader or stop such a leader when he begins to bring disasters to people. A few decades ago, Mao Zedong, the worst tyrant in world history, did emerge and bring disasters to the Chinese people. He wanted to fight a nuclear war to replace capitalism with communism but could not bring nuclear holocaust to the world people as China was too weak and poor at that time.

If a despot like Mao Zedong emerges when China has surpassed the US in military strength, the world’s people will suffer the misery experienced by the Chinese people in the Mao era. China surpassing the US in GDP is not something to worry about as China has the heavy burden to satisfy its huge population, but China surpassing the U.S. in military strength will be world people’s greatest concern if China remains an autocracy.

The U.S. people are of much better quality than Chinese people. What they lack is a wise leader to adopt the correct strategy and diplomacy and the creative ways to use its resources in developing its military capabilities. I hope that with the emergence of a great leader, the U.S. can put an end to its decline and remain number one in the world.

Buy Kindle version of the book from Australia at AUD4.28

Buy Kindle version of the book from Brazil at R$9.02

Buy Kindle version of the book from Canada at CDN$4.35

Buy Kindle version of the book from France at EUR3.07

Buy Kindle version of the book from Germany at EUR3.07

Buy Kindle version of the book from India at INR242

Buy Kindle version of the book from Italy at EUR3.07

Buy Kindle version of the book from Spain at EUR3.07

Buy Kindle version of the book from Mexico at MXN52.17

Buy Kindle version of the book from UK at £2.46

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