Huge discounts on Kindle version of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements is extended internationally

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Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements Second Edition

China Daily Mail contributor Chan Kai Yee has announced that 70% discounts on the Kindle version of his book are now in place until the end of June 2014. The discounts are now available in the countries listed below, using the links provided.

For other countries not on this list, we recommend using the United States link, but this may not be allowed in all countries. Unfortunately, in that case, you will have to pay full price.

Please remember that these specials are only available until the end of June 2014, and then they will revert to the normal price of US$9.99

A Unique Book that Bares the Mysteries of the Greatest Era in Chinese History:

Mystery of China’s Sudden Swift Rise

2,000 years ago Shang Yang’s reform enabled the sudden swift rise of the State of Qin as it gave play to people’s talents and diligence. Deng Xiaoping’s reform has caused China’s swift rise just like Shang Yang’s. However, reform is very difficult in China. Shang Yang was cruelly killed by conservatives.

Mystery of Jiang Zemin Surmounting Conservatives’ Fierce Resistance to Reform

Jiang Zemin exploited the panic caused by Tiananmen Protests throughout the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to successfully carry on the reform and conduct a coup to establish intellectuals’ dominance of the Party.

Mystery of Justification of Capitalist Road

The book describes how Jiang invented the Three Representatives to revise Marxist theory on the basis of its basic principle and thus justified the capitalist road.

Mystery of Bo Xilai’s Downfall

With Bo Xilai’s charismatic leadership, conservatives grew too strong for reformists led by Hu Jintao to deal with. Secretly the factions advocating the rule of law found a way to bring down Bo Xilai.

Xi Jinping’s Mysterious Absence for 2 Weeks in Early September 2012

His secret visits during his absence to all powerful elders to obtain their support for his anti-official despotism and corruption cyclones and thorough reform.

The Mystery of Xi Jinping Putting an End to Fierce Power Struggle between Conservatives and Reformists

Conservatives though have been deprived of their charismatic leaders Bo Xilai, remained a very strong opposition to Xi Jinping’s thorough reform aimed at giving full play to people’s talents and diligence.
However, Xi Jinping skillfully brought them around and made them support his reform.

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