January 3, 323 – Death of Yuan of Jin, Chinese emperor

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Emperor Yuan of Jin (276 – January 3, 323) was an emperor of the Jin dynasty and the first of the Eastern Jin.

His reign saw the steady gradual loss of Jin territory in the north, but entrenchment of Jin authority south of the Huai River and east of the Three Gorges, and for generations Jin was not seriously threatened by Wu Hu kingdoms to the north.

He was born in 276 in the then-Jin capital Luoyang, as the son of Sima Jin, the Prince of Langya, and his wife Princess Xiahou Guangji.

(The Book of Wei claimed that he was not Prince Jin’s biological son but the product of an affair that Princess Xiahou had with the general Niu Jin, but provided no real evidence, and the claim should be considered suspect.)

His father died in 290, and he became the Prince of Langya. The Book of Jin referred to him as steady and dexterious, personality-wise.

He died on January 3, 323. Crown Prince Shao succeeded to the throne as Emperor Ming

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