Success or failure, Beijing Winter Olympics is bad news for the world 

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Xi Jinping at Winter Olympics

Fourteen years ago, China conducted the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The games were a success, and the biggest beneficiary was Xi Jinping.

He was Vice President of China and competing for the presidency with present Premier Li Keqiang.

The successful Chinese Olympics debut encouraged and emboldened Xi in grabbing power. He had just learned to master the art of seizing the moment.

If successful conduct of Summer Olympics in 2008 got Xi Jinping top job, failure of 2022 Winter Olympics could take it away. If the 2008 Olympics emboldened Chinese strongman to grab power, the 2022 Olympics is his tool to consolidate his power and be ‘Dictator for Life.’

20th CCP National Congress is around the corner. Every success takes him closer to another term. If Xi Jinping succeeds or fails, both ways, he will be a threat to the world.

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Success or Failure: Beijing Winter Olympics Is Bad News for the World

Tony Simon

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