Terrorism: The glue that holds China and Pakistan together 

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China and Pakistan

The father of communism, Karl Marx, once famously said — “We have no compassion, and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror”. This statement summarises how terrorism and communism go hand in hand.

Maoist China alone destroyed between 44.5 to 72 million lives. During present times COVID-19 has wiped out 6.4 million humans worldwide, and these figures do not include undisclosed Chinese numbers.

However, China didn’t show remorse or guilt; instead, it mocked the nations struggling with the manmade pandemic. This kind of mentality made China and Pakistan close to each other.

But do Pakistani, as well as Nepali, Bangladeshi, and Bhutanese citizens also want this. They have to understand that China in connivance with their leaders is there to exploit their country.

They must ensure that their governments and militaries do not conspire with China to create a two-headed monster called ‘Terrorism.’ If it can sink teeth into others, then it can bite back.

My latest article on India’s most prominent think-tank organization, ‘Chanakya Forum’:

Terrorism: The Glue That Holds China Pakistan Together

Tony Simon

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