The extreme treachery of the Philipinnes government – we don’t need Chinese workers to take Filipino jobs

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I am writing in reference to the news article, “Why hire Chinese? Palace cites lack of skilled Pinoy workers” by Ms. Ruth Abbey Gita which appeared in Sunstar, January 24th.

Said news report not only made my blood boil to the maximum, but incontestably makes me extremely mad and furious to the core. Yes indeed!

According to the so-called Presidential spokesperson, Mr Panelo said directly that: “Filipinos lack the skill when it comes to construction works.”

Said contention is not only rubbish but the heights of idiocy and clearly shows that that so-called spokesperson has no sense of contemporary history. Is that clown not aware that during the 70’s we were one of the first countries to send overseas our workers?

How the hell could that creature state that the Filipinos lack the skill when in truth and in fact, our country is a country that relied almost exclusively on Labor-export?

Meaning, instead of goods, products and technology, we are sending millions of our countrymen by all across the different continents of the world to work as professionals, expatriates, domestic helpers, lecturers, construction workers, etc.!

In fact, one of my professors in Labor Law even said in one of his lectures that: there will be no international shipping vessel in the world which has no Filipino seaman in-board.

On the personal note, this writer has also experienced to work abroad as an expatriate/lecturer in Malaysia teaching Philosophy, Ethics and Anthropology. In fact, I was then (2010 – 2012) the only foreign lecturer teaching under their American Degree Programme in the whole country.

How on earth does that freak come to that supra stupid conclusion that our workers lack the skills when the sad truth and the brutal fact is that, more than 12 percent of the population of our country are in abroad away from their family’s and working overseas?

We are talking here of more than 10 million Filipinos, hence, if I may ask Mr. Panelo: do they lack the necessary skills too?

Professor Neferti M. Tadiar in her work, Domestic Bodies of the Philippines (1997) cited Feliciano’s, “OCWs: Counting the Cost”. Parimos: A Vision for Our Times 11, no. 1):

“Exporting human labor risks our homes, the very core of our Filipino society. It also threatens the fabric of our labor force, draining it of its brains and brawn, elements vital to our progress. Filipino OCWs are not dregs of our society . . . Pushed to leave instead of encouraged to stay by the government, this means the downgrading of our work force at home, lessening our own capability to perform competitively with other countries and pauperizing ourselves of our own people and of their physical, intellectual and spiritual contributions.

And if they come home dead, crazed, raped, or broken in spirit, we are faced with a segment of a populace that further drains and destitutes us.”

Therefore, in a strong categorical sense I say on behalf of all those working class Filipinos, here and abroad; then and now: shame on you, Mr. Panelo and shame on your so-called President who appears clearly does not champion the welfare of the Filipinos but those of the Chinese.

We lack the skill eh? Bloody hell! According to one comment in Face book:

“After building The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, The Sultan’s Palace in Brunei, The Global City, The high and low rise buildings, roads, airports and bridges of Metro Manila etcetera WE LACK SKILLED WORKERS??? Someone is lying here. This is a commissioned JOKE in exchange for a sizeable commission!

I say that this is not only an insult to the intelligence of all Filipinos but undeniably to the honor and dignity of all our working masses.

If I may remind that so-called spokesperson of the words of the former premier of Singapore, the great Lee Kuan Yew on how he described the Filipino worker:

“Millions of Filipino men and women had to leave their country for jobs abroad beneath their level of education. Filipino professionals whom we recruited to work in Singapore are as good as our own. Indeed, their architects, artists, and musicians are more artistic and creative than ours.”

Further, according to one former President, our (OCW then), OFW are the new heroes. She is utterly correct! Why? It is because of the overseas remittance that our OFW are sending to us that kept our economy floating.

Hence, how dare that freak and brigand to say that we lack the skill?

The truth is that, he has to say a complete lie in order to follow the script his bloody boss told him to say in order to accommodate those Chinese because they owe their allegiance to them and not to the Filipino people. Shame! Sad but true!

That is the brutal truth. For how the hell could one reconcile the bloody bastard contradiction of our continuous Brain Drain, yet this traitorous government instead of arresting the problem has decided to open our country to those thousands of Chinese at the expense of our local Filipino workers?

I feel so sorry for our country and I am so bloody furious about this. China has already grabbed from us a big chunk of our West Philippine Sea and now added insult to injury; thousands of those people are working — inside our very own country!

This is a shame and an abomination that is beyond redemption!

The true color of this so-called government is already known. The mask of the madman has been stripped. The king is both a clown a freak! The emperor is a bloody bastard mass murdering brigand.

Our people must decide and they must decide now before it’s too late! Either we fight for our country to the death or allow a slow and deliberate creeping foreign invasion. It’s now or never!

If we need to launch now the pogrom as a prelude to a revolution; then so be it! Let it come! Let it be, so that the Second Chapter of our Glorious albeit interrupted 1896 Revolution may finally commence! So be it!

In the stirring words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Tony Simon

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