The people of Hong Kong are being punished for once being free

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Hong Kong protestor being arrested

The once highly respected and free nation of Hong Kong is now a different country as the free press is dead and punishing COVID mandates have killed the country’s once-great economy. 

In Hong Kong, the free press is a thing of the past.

Now China (because nothing is done without China’s approval) is demanding Hong Kong shut down for another two weeks. Barbershops and temples were busy up until Thursday when the COVID actions of closing the country again were put in place.

No worries. Hong Kong should be open within a year, according to the Chinese government. A year is a long time.

The people of Hong Kong are being punished for once being free. Hong Kong is locked up. The once-great world-class airport with 250,000 people flying through a day is down to 5,000.

The Free Press Is Dead and COVID Lockdowns Are Back in Place – The People of Hong Kong Are Being Punished for Once Being Free — The Gateway Pundit

Tony Simon

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