Wang Yi in India: Is India ready for a reset 

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“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk, and Xi is drunk on power” ~ Insightful Geopolitics

Chinese foreign minister and State Councilor Wang Yi was to visit Nepal from 25-27 March 2022. He is also likely to visit Bhutan and Bangladesh after that. However, as per the latest information, Wang has already landed in India on 24th March.

China is a country of contrasts, and its leaders personify contradictions. On the one hand, its foreign minister sent a request to visit India, and in the same breath, he compared Jammu and Kashmir with Palestine at the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting.

Nevertheless, it would be the first trip by any senior Chinese leader to India after the bloody standoff in Doklam in May 2020. It is not that Indian and Chinese leaders have not met. Indian foreign minister Dr. S Jaishankar has held several rounds of talks with Wang on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Moscow and Dushanbe.

So why is Wang Yi visiting India? Is he self-invited? What is his plan? Does China think that such optics would put the relationship back on track?

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